Mercedes-Benz MCV 600 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

The MCV-600 is a great whiz that orders consideration wherever it goes. This lavish super high-decker is made for the crème de la crème voyaging long separations. It holds world-class comfort benchmarks for VIP guests and games group big names. The MCV-600 genius has a stunning outline and a top of the line Mercedes-Benz raise motor. This star bearer holds fifty seats and a rich restroom. Travelers ride in joy on an air suspension frame, engaged all through the trek by films on LCD screens. This extensive genius has a colossal gear compartment. It spoils its driver with a helpful and unwinding resting area. The MCV-600 whiz additionally gives a rearview camera to top of the line security.

Chassis Specification

Chassis model MB OC500 RF 1842
Engine OM-457 LA. III, 6 cylinder in line
Position Rear
Displacement 11967 cc
Engine power 420 hp @ 2000 rpm
Torque 1900 Nm @ 1100 rpm
Transmission MB GO 210- 6 speed, Power assisted
Front axle Independent wheel suspension with 2 air bellows and 2 double acting shock absorbers
Rear axle Air Suspension with 4 air bellows , stabilizer and 4 double acting shock absorbers
Service brakes Dual circuit, full air system
Exhaust brake Flap in exhaust manifold via steering column switch
Parking brake Spring loaded brake chambers with air release for rear wheels

Body specifications

Doors 2 Plug doors, electro pneumatic actuation
Passengers capacity a) 51 + 1 + 1 W/O Toilet
b) 49 + 1 + 1 with Toilet
Luggage space 13.2m3 (without sleeping compartment)
A/C Air conditioning stream line SL800 konvekta
Options Kitchenette tm with fridge
Driver’s sleeping compartment

Mercedes-Benz MCV 600 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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