Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design 1973-1988

Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design 1973-1988 – The generation of heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz trucks is a series of trucks made by Daimler-Benz from 1973 to 1988. The Mercedes-Benz Series-NG with Cabin is used by Mercedes-Benz which began offering with inline engines-six or five that have reliable power . In terms of the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz NG series is not too much difference, the prominent difference of the Mercedes-Benz NG series is the configuration of 4×2 to 8×8 which is used as needed for heavy load carrier.

Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design - Mercedes-Benz 1632 K 1973

The first generation Mercedes-Benz Series-NG, which was introduced in 1973, is a redesign with a completely new look. First launched as a construction vehicle on the market and 1974 added to the trunk cabin extended 600 millimeters. In 1977 the Mercedes-Benz Series-NG had Cabin in three different versions, a short cabin, also called S-Cab, a medium-length cab (M-Cab) with a narrow rear-side window, and a long-range cabin, L-Cab with two Lounge chairs. In 1977, the cabin had a narrow fender and when the intermediate cabin was added, the fenders were wider in all three types. Also medium heavyweight vehicles taken starting from 1975 to Mercedes-Benz Series-NG this. All cabins can now be tilted and in 1979 a large-capacity Cabin was added.

Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design - Mercedes-Benz 3336 K 8×6 Meiller Dreiseitenkipper 1983

From 1980 the Mercedes-Benz Series-NG was offered with a new engine of 95 kW / 130 hp to 276 kW / 375 hp. From the outside is a revised vehicle on the wind deflector, which is mounted in the corner of the cabin. Furthermore, the horizontal trim on the lattice is eliminated. Type the letters and the house mirror since it’s black. As the fourth cab variant over L-cab, the GR cabin is offered as a proper long-distance cabin with an elevated roof and clothes rack. The Mercedes-Benz Series-NG with this cabin is also wider than the other (recognizable by flush to cabin wheel arches) and is on the driver’s left side and at the rear of the cabin there is no standard window.

Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design - Mercedes-Benz NG 4850 A 8x8-4 1985

The third and final revisions occurred in 1985 Mercedes-Benz Series-NG using electro-pneumatic circuit (Electronic Power Shift, EPS) was introduced for the first time as computer-assisted shift assistance. It was offered as a standard for the new “top model” then 1644. In the lower performance class it was originally optional and not available in Mercedes-Benz Series-NG construction vehicles. Engine range is revised again, the most powerful engine is OM 442 LA with 320 kW / 435 hp, V8 with turbocharging and intercooling and 14.6 liters displacement. The same engine block is offered as OM 442 A without intercooling with 257 kW / 350 hp. Otherwise, the machine range remains largely unchanged. What could be recognized outwardly was the Mercedes-Benz Series-NG in 1985 on a smaller rectangular plank with silver letters. On the dashboard, a more modern toggle switch is used than the previous button.

Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design 1973-1988

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