Mercedes-Benz Travego M O580 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Mercedes-Benz Travego M O580 2011 Design Interior Exterior BusMercedes-Benz Travego transports delivered by Mercedes-Benz. He made the initial 580 names in 1999, and proceeded until the original in 2006. In 2006, taking the name of the Travego has made the move to the second era model. Hoşdere 4.000’inci of 12 September 2012, moving is created at the transport manufacturing plant delivered is still underway. In the meantime the Travego in 2010. “Transport of the Year” has been honored the. In 2011, while never setting off to a considerable measure of changes, Travego was cosmetics with slight adjustments. The front guard, the front driver’s seat and cockpit adjustments are made. 15SHD and there are two models, including 17SHD. Travego RHD likewise in Europe, the Travego RHD-M and Travego RHD-L models additionally mevcuttur.shd models are higher than the RHD model.

Mercedes-Benz will showcase four vehicles at “Busworld” the biggest transport/mentor exchange reasonable arranged in 2011 in the Belgian city of Kortrijk. The exchange reasonable sees the world debut of the Mercedes-Benz Travego “Release 1”. The Mercedes-Benz Travego is the primary visiting mentor to follow the Euro VI outflows standard. It brags the new BlueEFFICIENCY Power motor, new transmission framework and cockpit and additionally the interesting wellbeing framework Attention Assist.

The Mercedes-Benz Travego (sort assignment: O 580) is a mentor of Daimler AG and its auxiliary EvoBus, which was worked as the successor of the Mercedes mentor O 404 from 1999 onwards. The Travego is the top model in the Mercedes-Benz transport armada. 2005 second-era Travego, the Travego was 2.0, displayed.

There are 2.0 offered three variations of the Travego for the Western European business sector: Travego, Travego M and Travego L, separately as RHD (high-deck). Particularly for the Turkish business sector, there is the Travego SHD (Super High Decker) with a stature of 3.97 m as Travego and L.

Development is the Travego in the EvoBus plants Neu-Ulm, Mannheim and Hoşdere, a standout amongst the most present day transport stations on the planet in Turkey. With the presentation of the extraordinary model Edition 1 in 2012, the Travego has been changed over to the Euro VI emanations standard.

was a framework demonstrated on the Travego model with a shorter edge earlier in Portugal Mercedes-Benz Tourino delivered, which was supplanted by a short form of the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo.

Mercedes-Benz Travego M O580 2011 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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