Mercedes-Benz Travego O580 2008 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Mercedes-Benz Travego O580 2008 Design Interior Exterior BusMercedes-Benz is adjusting the right-hand-drive variant of the Tourismo high-decker to consent to the Euro VI outflows standard. The progressions include fitting the couch with a totally new motor from the BlueEfficiency Power family. The new Euro VI-consistent Mercedes-Benz OM 470 motor.

As far as yield and power transmission, the new drive framework for the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo is exactness custom-made to the requirements of British mentor administrators. The new in-line 6-chamber Mercedes-Benz OM 470 motor has a dislodging of 10.7 liters and is introduced vertically in the back.

The new motor, part of the BlueEfficiency Power era, highlights two overhead camshafts, four valves for every barrel and regular rail infusion with the adaptable X-PULSE infusion framework with weight promoter. Weighing only 990 kg and with minimal measurements, the motor is perfect for weight-delicate transports/mentors and for confined establishment spaces.

Mercedes-Benz Travego O580 2008 Design Interior Exterior Bus

The new motor works easily and discreetly and all variants are amazingly responsive and nimble. It offers a high yield at low revs: at around 800 rpm the motor is as of now ready to convey 95 percent of the full motor torque.

One important new element is the situating of the parts in the back: the cooler and fan are introduced on the privilege, nearby the vertical motor, isolated by a bulkhead. The liberal ventilation of the motor compartment is additionally new. The two symmetrically situated grilles on the new motor fold are a recognizing normal for the Tourismo with Euro VI drive framework.

With a traveler entryway at the front left on the kerb side, the two-pivot Tourismo is decisively custom-made to British prerequisites. In the meantime, the inside entryway on the right-hand side makes it appropriate for use in left-hand-drive nations on the mainland.

Mercedes-Benz Travego O580 2008 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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