Mercedes-Benz V230 1996 Elegant Versatile Car Design

Mercedes-Benz V230 1996 Elegant Versatile Car Design – Year 1996 is considered the birth of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Mercedes-Benz V-Class with gasoline and diesel engines are quite a lot of options such as V230, 280 and 220 models. V220 CDi is the most powerful diesel, while the V280 is considered the strongest gasoline engine. Mercedes-Benz V230 1996 which is an elegant family adventure vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz V230 1996 minivan can accommodate up to six people and is made possible by large sliding doors that are easy to enter and exit. The interior with carpeted floors and cloth chairs is ideal for long and comfortable travel. Visually brilliant V230 car mainly by the wide hatch back, which emphasizes the distinctive look of the V-Class.

Mercedes-Benz V230 1996 Elegant Versatile Car Design

The Mercedes-Benz V230 1996 car is more spacious with strong engine power and quality. The Mercedes-Benz V230 1996 is quite high in quality and has a large, classy body along with a 4-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive Mercedes V 230 with 143 hp (105 kW) output available. Because fuel is the premium gas available. Mercedes has a manual transmission. In the diesel version the V 230 TD loads the engine up to 98 horsepower and a top speed of 156 km / h. This MPV promises not only a comfortable driving experience, but also strong performance in all the avenues of the world.

The popularity of the Mercedes-Benz V230 is increasing, with increasing demand for similar cars and under the Mercedes-Benz brand name. The basic model for the development of front-drive minivans selected the Vito-cargo model with high chassis, all-metal body and independent suspension of all wheels. Chassis and interior equipment “tightened” to the characteristic level for the company car. MPV V-Class was quite large and spacious, able to comfortably carry 5-7 people including the driver. Interior design and seating arranged in such a way that is able to change the interior space of Mercedes-Benz V230 1996. After the success of the Mercedes-Benz V230 family adventure car presents several versions of the Van that is tailored to the utility with equipment equipment.

Mercedes-Benz V230 1996

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