Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 Elegant Pickup Design Aggressive

Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 Elegant Pickup Design Aggressive – Mercedes launches with the launch of the All-new Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018. As the realization of the Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class Powerful Adventurer. Mercedes centered on the X-Class offers three different trim levels, with four available engines, two transmissions, and three RWD / 4WD mechanisms. Of course, Mercedes did not reach the middle pickup market, just metric ton. Nissan Navara also compete with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018. Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 Elegant Pickup Design Aggressive

The exterior of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 is a elegant and aggressive looking truck that also has an elegant impression. Only the rigidity in the rear windows, the rear bumper, and the binding rails on the bed gave any clue about the Mercedes partnership with Renault-Nissan. The front view of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 is clearly inspired by the Mercedes SUV lineup of GL-Class. The double-bar grille and the big three-pointed star offer a face that is instantly recognizable, while the main LED lights extend on the trim as a high-tech view, especially at night. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 comes in three trim levels – Pure, Progressive, and Power. Pure Trim is the basic model as a hardworking fleet. It comes with a 17 inch steel wheel, a strong plastic front bumper of black color with a black painted metal rear bumper. Halogen headlamps, adjustable power mirrors, and four binding rings on the bed enhance the look.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Progressive 2018 Elegant Pickup Design Aggressive

Mid-range Mercedes-Benz X-Class Progressive 2018 with trim painted front and rear bumpers, though the area around the fog lamp remains black. The wheels are upgraded to 17-inch alloy wheels. The halogen lamps on the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pure 2018 are still present, but the windshield buffer with rain suckers and the fastening rails with the movable cleats fitted to the wall of the bed. This tie-down system is straight from the Nissan tray, this is an additional utility. And trim-top Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 Power that has its body-color front bumper has a glossy chrome accent around the bottom grille, while the rear bumper is completely chrome. The wheels are upgraded to 18 inch alloys. The headlights are upgraded to LED units with different daytime LED lights. LEDs are also used in the rear lights as well.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Power 2018 Elegant Pickup Design Aggressive

Mercedes has many familiar parts scattered as well. The driver gets a 5.4 inch information screen among analog gauges, while the central infotainment system floats above the dashboard. On the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Power Trim, this screen measures 8.4 inches, while smaller screens are standard on lower trims. The same goes for the Keyless Go Mercedes system, which is only offered on the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Power trim and includes a push-button start. Mercedes-Benz X-Class Power Pure and Progressive trim using standard switchblade keys. Six choices of seating material are present, though limited to certain trim levels. Two options are skin, while the other four are cloth.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 has four engine options including two four-cylinder turbodiesels, one four-cylinder petrol, and V6 turbodiesel. Can choose between six-speed manual and seven-speed automatic transmission with each machine, except for the V-6 turbodiesel, which becomes standard with automatic 4WD and full-time. RWD is standard elsewhere, with the 4WD part-time system offered as optional. The base of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 is a gasoline-powered X200 that naturally aspirated four cylinders making 165 horsepower and 176 pound-feet of torque. One turbodiesel with a 2.3 liter capacity makes four cylinders in the middle. The X220 d version uses a single turbocharger to produce 163HP and 297 pound-feet of torque, while the X250 d uses a biturbo system with smaller and larger turbos to make 190HP and 332 pound-feet of torque. Finally, the V-6 turbodiesel has an output of 257HP with 406 pound-feet of torque.

The combination of V6, seven-speed, and full-time 4WD is the most sophisticated and steady technology of powertrains available for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018. This includes an ECO start / stop system and comes with five drive modes. These are Comfort, Eco, Sport, Manual, and Off-Road. Selecting Manual mode allows automatic transmission to operate through the paddle shifters, just like in other Mercedes models. The 4WD part-time system offered with other engines has a typical two-speed transfer case with high and low range gears. Differential rear locks are also available.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018

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