MG ZT 260 2004 Design Interior Exterior

MG Rover group has today launched the V8 powered MG ZT 260 V8. The rear-wheel power automobile, available in ZT saloon and ZT-T property automobile, powered by a 260bhp 4.6-litre V8 engine and wîth an notable 410Nm of torque to deliver class-main acceleration, The MG ZT 260 V8 demonstrates our dedication to deliver automobiles of real pedigree and man or woman. That is a without a doubt rewarding car to drive. Our preference of a huge, torquey engine has been vindicated as this is a deceptively brief and green pass-u . S . Automobile. The greater you force it, the more you admire its unique ‘muscle car’ character that flies within the face of our competition’ trend closer to buzzy high-revving engines.

The ZT 260 is a totally engineered evolution of the front-wheel pressure ZT. Clever installation strategies have authorised the bigger potential engine and rear-wheel drive electricity-educate to be incorporated in the strong bodyshell, without main visual modifications. Below the skin the platform is essentially new wîth extensive changes to many useful vehicle structures to deal with the revised force-line layout, to produce a car of first rate riding individual. Lately a development ZT-T V8 turned into taken to the Salt flats at Bonneville, Útah where the MG achieved a maximum pace of 225mph from a mainly tuned V8 engine version.

The development engineers were briefed to deliver the ultimate antidote to an anodyne world. The demanding situations worried in reworking the power platform and packaging a large potential V8 engine into the existing front-wheel pressure vehicle should now not be underestimated. Advanced pc strategies have been used to bundle the new hardware with out sacrificing the strengths of the installed ZT platform. Sophisticated modelling techniques were used to refine the kinematics of the absolutely new multi-link rear axle configuration and to ensure that notwithstanding the revised engine set up, the auto keeps to satisfy the modern standards for occupant safety in all its markets.

Externally there may be little clue to the extent of body structure changes necessary to deal with the new rear-wheel force powerunit, certainly ZT 260 shares the identical acclaimed style of the front-wheel power ZTs. Great modifications were made to the underfloor, wîth new designs for the the front and rear floor, as well as an enlarged transmission tunnel to house the in-line gearbox. A new production facility has been commissioned alongside the existing state-of-the-art ZT production line to make sure these changes to the frame are introduced to continually high pleasant requirements.

MG ZT 260 2004 Design Interior Exterior

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