Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 Comfort Dynamic Sedan Design

Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 Comfortable Dynamic Sedan Design – Mitsubishi Diamante is a rare gem, a comfortable and friendly sedan. Besides the sleek styling it also feels spacious and the cabin is first class. The engine used by Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 and the powerful V6 engine, Diamante rivaled other luxury sedans.

The new hood, grille and decklid give the more distinctive Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 look. Thus the Mitsubishi Diamante style has an attractive freshness. The aerodynamic shape produces a very low resistance coefficient of 0.28. The attitude of Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 is a dynamic forward attack. The body contours are muscular and made very beautiful, with a distance-mounted glass cabin, a comfortable chrome finish.

Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 Comfort Dynamic Sedan Design

The twin nostril grilles have become part of the Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 identity, because this feature has faded into problems in the latest edition. But back and brave for 2003. Official intake under the grille adds to a serious attitude. Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 has a handsome and functional appearance.

Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 interior design with luxurious wooden accents on the dashboard, console and four doors. With the documentation of the Mitsubishi Diamante consists of very good analogs, so does the mechanical odometer. Besides that it has become rare in this digital era. The windshield wiper offers three fixed speeds plus an infinite intermittent range that can be adjusted.

The Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 steering wheel adjusts the tilt. The signal bar changes including a textured switch for fog lamps. In addition there is another 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante feature with a heating system including ventilation and air conditioning having neat graphical readings at the center of the dash which shows temperature. Besides that it displays the outside temperature. Other places on the dashboard and console are controls for Infinity premium audio with CDs.

Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 Comfort Dynamic Sedan Design

In the Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 seat section with front seat heating feature. This can make driving fun in the winter. The driver’s seat adjusts eight ways under power, with intuitive analog controls. Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 with headrests not only adjusts up and down but also forward and backward.

Excellent outside visibility of the front and rear seats, thus enhancing the driving experience. Likewise the windows, mirrors and door locks are all electric. While the luggage part of the Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 can be accessed either by the remote at the side of the driver’s door and the key. In addition to the suspension tuning and ride quality.

Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 armed with a powerful V6 engine makes a pleasant growl when accelerating. The Diamante 3.5 liter V6 is bigger than most engines in the sedan class. Thanks to the large time-shift valve technology, including timing variables is not needed to produce a lot of bottom-end torque. It produces 205 hp at 5,000 rpm, and 231 feet of torque is large and strong at 4000 rpm. This torque provides a strong throttle response, to push Diamante from 0 to 60 mph in just 8 seconds.

The Mitsubishi Diamante 2003 steering response is very sharp and precise. This is thanks to the support and pinion assisted by the power of Diamante due to the isolation from the road deviation is very good. At highway speeds the noise level is very low, except for a few wind whistles on the driver’s door. For all-season tires, this provides good road protection and lateral stability.

Mitsubishi Diamante 2003

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