Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 Elegant SUV Design

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 Elegant SUV Design – Mitsubishi has improved its features and moved towards greater electrification in its product offerings. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 is a symbol of this plan to renew the reputation of the SUV from Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 is the last vehicle developed before Mitsubishi became part of the giant conglomerate Renault-Nissan in 2016 after a fuel consumption scandal in Japan.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 features a more dynamic silhouette, with dramatic shaped windows on the side, and especially with the rear end that really starts from the front door and runs along the side of the vehicle. back light. What’s more, two sets of taillights are connected by a ribbon that crosses the rear of the vehicle, almost like giving a second Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross spoiler to complement the one above the rear window.

The design of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 is inspired by sprinter who squats in the initial block. The front is not quite striking like the “twin-spoiler” rear, but originality also plays a role, especially with the front grille supported by black and black plastic panels placed between the headlights, which hang above chrome. Branch that extends to anti fog lights. All of them use standard 18-inch alloy wheels that fill the space just below the SUV’s muscular wheel arches. These design elements embed each trim model, even beginner level ES, with as much charisma as possible.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 dash, although it is unlikely to win an award for originality, is indeed different from other models in Mitsubishi stable. The soft-touch surface is another pleasant surprise, while the 7-inch touch screen follows the trend by inserting itself directly into the dashboard. By using the touch-pad, and the touch-pad can be used when the vehicle stops.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 SUV is in the compact category that offers a driver’s position that is easily optimized for the driver thanks to the many ways they can adjust the seat and steering wheel power. The wheels are fun to hold, while the paddle shifters are large enough to allow good time when it comes to winding rural roads.

In the front seats provide support that is conducive to sporty driving, and the second row space is actually quite extraordinary for a compact SUV. That both parts of the rear seat can slide forward help increase the cargo space available at the rear, and even better creates wider space for passengers.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 that benefits from the new 1.5L 4 cylinder turbo engine with direct injection. The maximum power output is 152 hp, while the torque can reach 184 lb-ft starting at 2,000 RPM. The only transmission available is the CVT, and all trims get a superior all-wheel drive system from the manufacturer. Like many other models currently offered on the market, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 offers a manual mode that is accessed via paddle shift on the steering column or gear lever.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 Elegant SUV Design

Steering proved to be quite appropriate in accordance with road conditions. Even better, the tightness of the chassis helps the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 absorb many road imperfections, even though it runs on 18-inch wheels. The S-AWC all-wheel drive has proven its value and provides additional guarantees when it is behind the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

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