Morris J-Type Van 1949 Design Interior Exterior

The ‘J’ type changed into brought on the 1948 business Motor show at Earls court docket. The pre-manufacturing van which Morris~commercial exhibited on their stand at the display differed in many info from the production automobile that become to follow in the autumn of 1949. The easiclean wheels gave way to pressed metal disc gadgets, even as the the front grille, headlamp/sidelight units, and lots of different gadgets were redesigned earlier than full production started out. The 1949 Geneva business automobile show van nonetheless had the quickly-to-be-discarded easiclean wheels, but additionally had a front chrome bumper in contrast to something visible eventually.

Morris~industrial had introduced the 15/20 cwt ‘PV’ model, with a forward manage format much like that eventually used within the ‘J’ kind, in 1939 ~ despite the fact that few were made before the outbreak of the second one global war added production to a halt. Manufacturing resumed in 1945.

Morris~commercial submit-struggle control meeting minutes imply that the J-type turned into being designed to take a new flat-four engine beneath development along the smaller flat-4 that changed into being evaluated for the Morris Minor. Neither engine got the pass-beforehand due to value considerations.

Images exist of two one-of-a-kind ‘J’ type prototypes, one in all which suggests that the Morris~commercial designers had experimented with incorporating the corporation’s then-current ‘PV’ frontal styling, providing a vertical slatted grille, into the car. This ‘J’ kind prototype, with its very stylishly curvaceous pressed metallic frame, a whole lot improved on the ‘PV’s boxy look. The check in also holds drawings that display that during 1948, by means of which time the J-type styling might were absolutely authorized and tooled up, Morris~industrial had been experimenting with developing a substitute for the PV the usage of the J-kind’s styling subject matter. This in the end advanced into the LD van.

Morris J-Type Van 1949 Design Interior Exterior

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