Neoplan Centroliner DD 2008 Bus Design Interior Exterior

The NEOPLAN Centroliner DD Doubledecker citybuses for RTA Dubai is as a rule solely conveyed subsequent to mid 2008 to the arabic Emirate. It highlights a tallness of more than 4,5 meters and offers abundant standing spot in the upper deck for up to 49 sitting individuals and 29 seats in the lower deck, including the different ladies and kids compartment. With the 90 kW airconditioning power pack for subtropical circumstances on board it is the world’s greatest airconditioned citybus. The creation of this doubledecker is situated in Germany just in NEOPLAN plants.

Neoplan office appeared, among others, Two visit transports Cityliner family, and surprisingly – potężnego urban Pietrus for Dubai. At a question and answer session in Augsburg columnists had the chance to see first twofold decker, low-floor city transport Neoplan for Dubai, which has been produced particularly for this city. Since June 2008 he is progressively conveyed to the Emirates. The principal conveyance has an aggregate of 170 dwupokładowców. This is the impact of the agreement’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of the United Arab Emirates, which in mid 2007 requested 400 city transports NEOPLAN. The extent of the agreement achieves three-digit number of millions. DD twofold decker transports Centroliner are conveyed next single Centroliner transports and enunciated transports Centroliner G as the Low deck with a slope for wheelchairs.

MAN motors utilized as a part of the D20 Common Rail Euro 4 MAN PURE DIESEL innovation, which are new to the desert city, similar to advanced strategy low loader or bowing capacity. Among the more than 400 transports will be 170 twofold deckers recently created kind of Centroliner DD, which including cooling has a stature of right around 4.52 m, offers so much solace even on the upper deck (49 seats on the upper deck and 28 seats on the lower deck). Centroliner DD-deck transports are made only in Germany. DD Centroliner sort vehicles have a much wealthier highlights than their European associates. They are outfitted with an especially productive, adjusted to the tropical air to the engine auto as the compressor (50 kW absolute cooling power).

The hardware likewise incorporates the extra protection in the motor compartment, space under the floor, which permits the establishment of extra coolers outside coolers serial to enhance motor cooling, a flame quencher in the motor compartment and the front entryway blinds like those experienced in European retail chains. Another, identified with the details social quality are isolated by glass dividers on the front part of the vehicle for ladies and kids, including the initial three columns and prepared uniquely in contrast to whatever is left of the vehicle. As a discretionary media vehicles offer pointers destination in LED or LCD innovation and web phone and W-LAN. LCD screens will be demonstrated the connection data and promotion.

Neoplan Centroliner DD 2008 Bus Design Interior Exterior

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