Neoplan Cityliner 2009 Bus With Design Spoils Passengers

Neoplan Cityliner 2009 Bus With Design Spoils Passengers – Neoplan Cityliner 2009 presents itself with futuristic, harmonious, and provocative. The sharp design combines a future-oriented design with a classic Neoplan line. This gives Neoplan Cityliner 2009 a unique look and makes it the benchmark for a completely new bus generation. In addition to its attractive exterior, Cityliner is also distinguished by its interior values ​​that have innovative technology, safety and comfort.

Neoplan Cityliner C 2009 Bus With Design Spoils Passengers

Neoplan Cityliner 2009 is worth a second look. Special highlight of the headlights, equipped with the same technical features as Starliner. In fact, it’s not the only one that Neoplan Cityliner inherited from “bus of all buses”: windshield wipers disguised, dynamic curved tail lamps, practical compartment handles, and more. Neoplan Cityliner 2008 is still distinguished by its own look, but on elegantly flowing lines from the roof end panels and dark curved side windows lend a clear futuristic and, at the same time, a classic clear profile.

Prominent headlamps are equipped with cornering lights. This means the driver can also look forward when cornering. Even the foresight is offered by optional Xenon headlamps. With a dynamically curved tail tip, Neoplan Cityliner 2008 is also interesting from the back.

Neoplan Cityliner 2008 need not quibble because of taste. For the first time, interior appliances can be ordered individually “à la carte”: seat cloth, head-iners, floor coverings, leather gear, alloy rims, Xenon headlamps, multimedia. plenty of room for feelings. Bright ceilings, glass-elevated roofs, good access elevations, varied seating: The interior of Neoplan Cityliner is characterized by generosity, brightness and transparency. Generous windows with almost unlimited visual fields allow plenty of light to enter and open view for passengers from the passing countryside as in the cinema hall. Together with the superb audio system from Neoplan Cityliner 2009, it makes the journey an experience for all the senses.

Neoplan Cityliner HD 2006-2015 Bus With Design Spoils Passengers

The ergonomic cockpit design underscores the high quality of Neoplan Cityliner 2008 and instills high driver identification by bus. Even in terms of equipment, Neoplan Cityliner is far ahead with multi-functional steering, individually adjustable seats, easy-to-read instruments, user-friendly switches and logically inserted into the system in the same way as a wide and practical coolbox . Choices such as spacious rest cabin make this dream complete for every driver.

The modular design of Neoplan Cityliner 2009 and patented tube-in-tube reinforcement provide stability and high strength to vibration. The integrated rollover bar on the front and rear areas improves passive safety. Such as EBS braking system or ESP electronic stability program shorten the stop distance and keep the bus on track even in critical situations. The onboard (OBD) diagnostic system in conjunction with our electronic structure TEPS (Twin Electric Platform System) functions to monitor the status of the operation permanently, alert the driver in case of errors and avoid costly consequential damages.

Neoplan Cityliner with a very efficient 6-cylinder common rail diesel engine does not require additional fluid (AdBlue). Interesting: quality goes smoothly and low noise, and at the same time, low weight. Performance: 294 kW (400 bhp), 324 kW (440 bhp) or 353 kW (480 bhp).

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