Neoplan Megaliner N128-4 1994 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Neoplan Megaliner N128-4 1994 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Since 1975 Neoplan manufactured initial four-hub mentors of sort “Superskyliner” for the outside business sector, which were supplied for the most part to South America, USA and the Arabian Peninsula. They set the “Superskyliner” fundamentally whole deal overland one. Since these vehicles were delivered solely for fare, sufficed here the two front axles as guiding axles.

Presently, nations like Sweden and Turkey had an enthusiasm for transports with more than 12 m long, one thought at Neoplan, now to construct a vehicle that the BO-power circuit couldn’t surpass by StVZO a sweep of 12.5m. To guarantee this, they built up the 15m long Neoplan Megaliner (N 128/4), which was presently coordinated to every one of the four tomahawks. 1991 Neoplan Megaliner was revealed. Notwithstanding, in numerous German nations an exclusion for confirmation was by and by vital. With correction of the Road Traffic in 1993 expanded Verkaufsszahlen of “super kind sized” and right now in 1994 the 100th auto was conveyed.

The regularly expanding getting to be movement in metropolitan ranges and vast urban communities required now additionally bigger transports in broad daylight transport. So they created at Neoplan 1992/1993 a four-hub lines Biplane low floors. Despite the fact that this was worked with 15m length and four controlled axles, the “Super Shuttle” (N 4032/4) was a completely isolate transport sort. The frameless and self-supporting development, Neoplan has now a biplane of the normal administration with space for max. Offering 180 travelers. The motor could be alternatively requested with MAN and Mercedes motors, with yields between 270 hp (199 kW) and 420 hp (309 kW) were conceivable.

Another change of the Road Traffic in 1998, expressing the 15m transports are presently likewise allowed with three axles, the “Uber Shuttle” of Neoplan was still removed the business sector around the same time. So now 15m transports could be created much less expensive with just three tomahawks, as the extensively more costly and aufwenigeren four-pivot lines biplane.

Hence, eventually just 14 duplicates from Neoplan Megashuttle (N 4032/4) went ahead the business sector.

Neoplan Megaliner N128-4 1994 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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    Thank you for posting this.

    I am looking to purchase a used MegaShuttle – do you happen to know where I might find one for sale?




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