Neoplan Skyliner 2015 Comfortable Double Decker Design

Neoplan Skyliner 2015 Comfortable Double Decker DesignNeoplan Skyliner 2015 sets a new standard, passengers enjoy pure luxury on two floors, bus operators benefit from exceptional efficiency. Spirit and relaxation in harmonious unity. Two world trips in premier class. Can satisfy every passenger with a separate leisure area on Skyliner.

The truly new glowing light from the roof upstairs is built from a visionary masterpiece. Neoplan Skyliner 2015 has revolutionized the world of double numbers. Neoplan has built the most beautiful and exclusive double decker coach for more than 50 years with Neoplan Skyliner 2015.

Curves join the edge. Elegance presents itself radically new. With the bold sharp design of the 2015 Neoplan Skyliner featuring pioneering style elements, where the edges of the glass roofs on the diamond pieces, with the front to rear completely in the visor view. Side view with dynamic clutch from upper and lower decks, as well as elegant rear view with arrow window and chrome panel

Natural light flows into the interior. Transparency opens a view to the endless horizon. The glass domes on the upper deck create a panoramic cellular terrace. This premium box seats release the lift, which is on the first row with a nearly 0.5 meter square roof dome and a front-facing view. Side windows tilted to the roof with three or five glass roofs.

Generous mobility for head and foot. Pure travel pleasure with the feel of being in VIP-CLASS. The lower deck is also impressive with a feeling of adequate space and maximum light section, with a standing height of 1.81 meters. Significantly lighter because of the triangular window behind the door, and large windows and transparent barriers in the driver’s work light up the stairs.

Neoplan Skyliner 2015 can be controlled with maximum functionality in its most beautiful form. The cockpit provides optimum support for drivers such as a 32-bit dual-core onboard computer. Highest Ergonomics thanks to new switches and instrument layouts. The multifunctional steering wheel with all major control units and integrated radio remote control in locks with separate openings from both doors

Interior Section where the lavish lounge with demangat and relaxation in harmonious unity. Two world trips in the premier class. Can satisfy every passenger with a separate recreation area at Neoplan Skyliner 2015. Pure luxury, delicious seats and stimulating entertainment. Neoplan Skyliner 2015 provides maximum comfort passengers:

A spacious functional kitchen for freshly brewed hot beverages and hearty snacks, there are also luxury seats with a variety of adjustment options. Equipped with a TopLine multimedia center with two 19-inch TFT monitors on the upper deck and 10-inch flat screen on the lower deck. Two wheelchair-accessible freeway areas

Comfortable warmth filled the cool breeze. Real feel-good temperatures are relaxed and refreshing. Neoplan Skyliner 2015 optimizes separate temperature controls on the upper and lower decks with the DualZone air conditioning system, where the regular air-conditioning unit serves the upper deck and the lower deck has its own two evaporators.

Neoplan Skyliner 2015 supports drivers with more innovative security components, with features on the dashboard portable LED driving lights for illumination, Maximum speed control and Track guard system. Tire pressure monitoring, Use of Xenon headlamps with electronically controlled cornering light.

It has a Comfort Drive Suspension (CDS), a suspension system with active electronic controls: Electronic controls two levels of shock absorber hardness where the damping ratio is optimized over time with maximum suspension comfort. Improved driving safety through vehicle stability with lower wear rates for components and road surfaces.

The use of strong steel as a complete security. Reliable stability for maximum protection of people and materials. The body of Neoplan Skyliner 2015 combines high stiffness with optimized weight. Maximum security on every route. Protected, even unexpected. Arrive at destination safely covered. Neoplan Skyliner 2015 offers all the security systems available today:

Adaptive shipping control
Anti-lock braking system
Traction control
Brake assistant
Help Emergency Brake
Dynamic stability program
Electronic braking system
LaneGuard System (LGS)

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