Neoplan Skyliner C 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Neoplan Skyliner C 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus – An altogether new sparkling light developed from visionary perfect works of art. The new Skyliner is changing the universe of twofold deckers. NEOPLAN has been building the most wonderful and most select twofold decker mentors for more than 40 years. Bends converge with edges. Polish presents itself profoundly new. Grant winning the intense sharp cut outline of the Skyliner shows spearheading style components, Roof edge coating in precious stone cut. Front end in visor look. Side perspective with element coupling of upper and lower decks, Elegant back perspective with arrowed window and chrome plated boards.

Regular light streams into the inside. Straightforwardness opens up perspectives to unlimited skylines. The coated vault in the upper deck makes a versatile scene patio. These premium box seats unleash sheer happiness, First column with a rooftop vault measured almost 0.5 sqm and an inside and out perspective to the front. Side windows calculated into the rooftop, Three or five glass rooftops.

Liberal flexibility of development for head and legs. Immaculate travel joy with a vibe of being in the VIP-CLASS. The lower deck is likewise noteworthy with its sentiment plentiful room and greatest section of light; 1.81-meter standing tallness, Significantly all the more light because of triangular windows behind the entryways. Substantial windows and the straightforward separating divider at the driver’s work environment enlighten both stairwells.

Neoplan Skyliner C 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Everything under control. Greatest usefulness in its most wonderful structure. The cockpit gives ideal backing to your driver:

– Duar Core 32-bit installed PC
– Ultimate ergonomics on account of the new switch and instrument format
– Multifunction controlling wheel with all significant control units
– Radio remote control coordinated in the key with partitioned opening of both entryways

Give your own dreams a chance to work out as expected. Finest calfskin, shining chrome, splendid sound. The NEOPLAN Individual hardware line offers you generally differed top-level discretionary gear bundles; High quality two-shading cowhide directing wheel. Rich front-end bureau with chrome applications.

Fervor and unwinding in a consonant union. Two travel universes in the head class. You fulfill each traveler with the different amusement regions in the Skyliner. Complete wellbeing. Dependable security for most extreme assurance of individuals and materials. The Skyliner body consolidates high inflexibility with an upgraded weight.

Complete wellbeing. Solid solidness for most extreme security of individuals and materials. The Skyliner body consolidates high inflexibility with an enhanced weight. Most extreme security over each course. Secured, even in the unforeseen. Touch base at your destination securely encased. The Skyliner offers all of you as of now accessible MAN wellbeing frameworks:

– Adaptive voyage control
– Anti-lock slowing mechanism
– Traction control
– Brake associate
– Emergency Brake Assist
– Dynamic solidness program
– Electronic slowing mechanism

Totally solid. Mindful and proficient. Jumps promptly into the break in each circumstance. The Skyliner underpins your driver with further imaginative security parts; LED day driving lights. Control of the most extreme rate. Path protect framework, Tire weight observing. Xenon headlights, Electronically controlled cornering light.

As quick as lightning and delicate as spread. Continuously stands up to. Street surfaces get to be smooth and faithful. A flat out first in the twofold decker – Comfort Drive Suspension (CDS), the suspension framework with dynamic electronic control;

Two-phase electronic control of safeguard hardness, Damping proportion improved at record-breaking with most extreme suspension solace. Expanded driving wellbeing through extreme vehicle dependability. Lower wear for parts and street surface.

Flawlessly molded body hides a business-minded character. Shrewd, beneficial development. The Skyliner richly tackles the issue between sumptuous solace and financial premiums, Efficient motor innovation sets aside to 170-kg weight. Proficiency show bolsters financial driving, Large-limit idea diminishes CO2 discharges to unrivaled low best values. GPS-controlled MAN EfficientCruise® journey control slices fuel utilization by up to six percent

Neoplan Skyliner C 2007 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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