New Bus Design From Neoplan Tourliner 2016

New Bus Design From Neoplan Tourliner 2016 – The design of the Neoplan Tourliner 2016 is a new breakthrough with its aerodynamic and multiple sharp design pieces, which have unparalleled low air resistance as well as its sophisticated interior and lighting concepts make it not only very convenient but also very economical.

Neoplan Tourliner 2016 offers maximum comfort and impressive passengers from the first moment with a very warm and friendly atmosphere. The new color concept with striking contrast and modern color scheme is a direct blow and creates a sense of perfectly balanced space.

During the day, large-scale windows ensure that the cabin is flooded with light and provides views around passengers. Immediately after dark, sophisticated lighting concepts with hidden indirect LED lights ensure thorough lighting even for a relaxing trip in a pleasant atmosphere. Individually adjustable integrated ventilation with indirect airflow helps create a draft-free ambient climate.

New Bus Design From Neoplan Tourliner 2016

Neoplan Tourliner 2016 not only provides maximum comfort for passengers, but also for drivers. The driver’s workplace offers a highly ergonomic design, an abundance of space, and a high-quality finish.

The redesigned dashboard design of the Neoplan Tourliner 2016 with an improved instrument panel. An enhanced storage solution is impressive with enough space for movement and enough storage space. Ergonomically shaped seats, high-quality multi-function steering wheels, and easy-to-use devices and switches facilitate driver work and provide additional security.

Neoplan Tourliner 2016 with a flat platform free floor not only makes it easy for passengers to access the luggage rack but together with wheelchair lifts and two wheelchair spaces, it also allows barrier-free access to Tourline.

New Bus Design From Neoplan Tourliner 2016

The new set of multimedia designs on the Neoplan Tourliner 2016 provides a unique travel experience. It offers individualized infotainment with everything a passenger might want, including its own USB charging station and the option to play its own files. Enjoy a first-class audio and visual experience, relax, and let yourself get carried away in the new Tourliner.

Also new in Neoplan Tourliner 2016 is the MAN D26 engine with improved performance. The additional 20 HP output power and 200 Nm higher torque make Tourliner more powerful and efficient than ever. This achieves a fuel savings of approximately 10% compared to the previous model.

EVBec engine brakes provide Tourliner with a major improvement in safety and comfort. It actively helps the driver by ensuring proper and robust braking in accordance with vehicle speed.

New Bus Design From Neoplan Tourliner 2016

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