New Design With New Features Peterbilt 389 Truck

New Design With New Features Peterbilt 389 Truck – Jaw-dropping! The Pride & Class package is an amazing chrome and sophisticated look for Peterbilt 389. Nobody can miss this amazing truck because it orders the highway. With eye-popping features, head-turning like a different louvered grille, smoothly polished fenders and side-hood accents, this amazing truck is really impressive from every angle. The Pride & Class package demands the attention of everyone who sees it, and the driver instantly becomes the envy of all others.

Peterbilt 389 has a halogen Reflector, aluminum headlamps protected with a crash-resistant lens. A light and consistent pattern of jets helps to reduce driver fatigue. The powerful gas spring design allows easier opening and closing of the toolbox and helps ensure goods are safely and safely stored. Air disc brakes and electronic stability controls are now standard and offer the best stopping distances.

New Design With New Features Peterbilt 389 Truck

All Peterbilt 389 aluminum cabins are not only extremely durable, lightweight to allow for increased payloads to maximize performance and profitability. These cabins are perforated with lap-up construction and gate-style doors for toughness, and corrosion resistance offers long-lasting performance. The lightweight and durable hood is an aluminum all-aluminum hood, with a rugged stainless steel grating that has a unique hollow oval pattern and a one-piece polished aluminum crown.

Interior Model Peterbilt 389 is amazing, Sitting behind the wheel of the Model Peterbilt 389 Pride & Class is having an open path. The interior of the Pride & Class package enhances the driver’s experience from ordinary to exceptional. Exclusive, chic accents surround the driver with a touch of elegance and earthy comfort. The unique interior features dark dashboards with Pride & Class emblems and Blackwood finishes trim the entire cabin and sleep. Premium seats are black with red contrast stitching. Every inch of the interior is pure Class.

Premium interior owned by Peterbilt 389 now features a revolutionary SmartNav system, an integrated infotainment system. SmartNav has a 7-inch touch screen that provides real-time vehicle monitoring, a truck-specific Garmin navigation system, Bluetooth® hands-free connectivity, voice recognition, integrated audio system with satellite radio as well as MP3, USB, and iPod® capabilities.

New Design With New Features Peterbilt 389 Truck

The Peterbilt Model 389 has an ergonomic dashboard that puts everything in the driver’s reach and improves visibility. The edges of the charcoal reduce glare and hold the scratches and fade. The unique Peterbilt bed is built to provide unparalleled, quality and comfort. They have plenty of storage, shelves, adequate overhead lighting and strong HVAC.

The Peterbilt Model 389 offers a variety of front and rear suspension options including a lightweight Peterbilt ownership unit for increased load capacity. The Peterbilt Front Air Front suspension is lightweight and has a 20% improvement in ride quality through a taper leaf suspension for very soft ride.

The traditional cabin design of the Peterbilt 389 Truck Model with improved aerodynamics for increased fuel savings ensures your investment in Peterbilt 389 Model pays dividends shortly after the initial purchase price. An optional fuel efficiency package as well as exceptional reliability and performance Peterbilt translates into low overall operating costs. Optional day cabin configuration provides application-specific flexibility.

Engine Model Peterbilt 389 with PACCAR MX-13 Engine delivers high-level innovation through industry-leading quality, outstanding reliability and proven performance. The combination of Peterbilt and MX-13 Engine trucks offers long-term value through technologically advanced design with lightweight materials that achieve excellent performance and superior fuel economy. MX-13 provides longer service intervals, increased working time, lower operating costs, and higher resale value.

New Design With New Features Peterbilt 389 Truck

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