Nissan 240SX SE Fastback 1991 Design Interior Exterior

The 1991 240SX SE Fastback falls into the previously stated domain of cars with back seats that are as helpful as imbecile’s gold. Be that as it may, that is about everything to blame in the ele­mental back drive 240. Inside, the new textured seats with independent headrests fit driver and traveler as comfort­ably as an old pair of warm up pants. What’s more, surprisingly, the individuals who fa­vor cowhide upholstery can arrange it on the LE model.

Underneath the hood lives Nissan’s greatest change. The single-cam 12-valve leader of the previous 240 has been supplanted with a more liberated breathing twin-cam 16-valve unit, dashed to a hardened adaptation of the vestige in­line-four square. By doing this, Nissan discovered 15 extra hp at 5600 rpm and 8 lb-ft more torque at 4400 rpm. This yield of 155 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque empowers the 240 to daydream effortlessly around town in the lower rev runs, or quicken rapidly onto the parkway with rehashed scopes of the tach needle toward the 6900-rpm redline. This undersquare motor, nonetheless, alludes to thrashiness around the 6000-rpm mark. A couple of parity shafts may well smooth things out.

The inside topic of the Maxima and Stanza has been proceeded, with the dash making a sweep­ing bend over the simple tachometer and speedometer. The stereo is effortlessly available, arranged high in the inside console where vent-control levers are most regularly found. Front-seat travelers sit in firm container situates that offer incredible side backing; those in back have a lot of room on the off chance that they are of normal size.

The effective Nissan SX loaded with secondary lounge and trunk will allow the youthful family to blend moderate utility with driving fun. It is a splendid thought in a period when most sensibly estimated sports roadsters tend to offer littler rearward sitting arrangements and less and less payload limit.

Nissan 240SX SE Fastback 1991 Design Interior Exterior

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