Nissan Atlas 2004 Design Interior Exterior Truck

In January 1992, a full model change prompted the Atlas’ development to its second era model. Regarding the external plan, the quad round headlamps was supplanted with twofold rectangular headlamps. In addition, the front grille was overhauled for a cleaner look, and as needs be, the NISSAN image was moved from the focal point of the grille to the passed out territory of the lower segment of the front window. Besides, the side window’s lower edge was brought down, securing more noteworthy perceivability.

Regarding the inside, trimming was introduced in different territories, prompting more prominent riding solace. With respect to the meter board, by merging the speedometer and tachometer into one board, perceivability was uplifted.

In June 1999, minor changes were made, prompting upgrades to the external outline. The opening of the front grille was recently updated to a wing-like outline, and twofold non-standard rectangular headlamps were utilized for a more refined look. The NISSAN insignia that had been situated in the passed out zone of the lower segment of the front window was totally expelled; rather, a round corporate imprint/symbol was put at the focal point of the front grille. The fuel motor conveyed was recently changed to the 1,998cc with 120 torque.

The standard-sized trunk measured in width and length at 1,610mm and 2,860mm separately for the wooden long trunk, 1,620mm and 2,860mm for the steel long trunk, 1,610mm and 1,880mm for the wooden twofold taxi trunk, 1,620mm and 1,880mm for the steel twofold cam trunk, 1,610mm and 2,860mm for the wooden long, and 1,620mm and 2,120mm for the steel long. With respect to the tallness of the auto floor starting from the earliest stage, measured at 770mm for the standard single, 690mm for the 50 viewpoint proportion single, 735mm for the little breadth twofold, 710mm for the low-floor standard body single, and 760mm for the long body single. For these, the tallness of the side entryway/door was 380mm.

In October 2000, the Atlas 10 LPG went marked down. This model was created with the Atlas 10 Long Body Super-Low 1.5-tonner as the base. The 5-speed manual and 4-speed programmed were made accessible as transmission alternatives.

Nissan Atlas 2004 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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