Nissan Serena 1999 Design Interior Exterior

This is the vehicle that numerous individuals unreasonably neglect while considering an utilized people transporter. As of late as 1996, in any case, the Serena surpassed the auto that began the European MPV ball moving, Renault’s Espace. Accessible new and utilized at costs well beneath those of the majority of the opposition, Nissan’s high-sided hold-all bodes well if, in the same way as other family purchasers, cost is all. The Spanish-fabricated Serena is construct vigorously with respect to the Japanese unique, itself got from a van. Bargains must be made for the European business sector, however the principle one, slender width, is really speaking to numerous purchasers. It makes the auto simpler to move in limited roads additionally brings about high-sided styling. Since Nissan didn’t need to burn through billions outlining a people transporter starting with no outside help, the Serena is sold at costs that undercut a large portion of the new (and utilized) rivalry. To be reasonable.

The Serena touched base in the showrooms in January 1993 and was accessible with three distinct motors. There were 1.6 and 16-valve 2.0-liter renditions and also a 2.0-liter diesel. A more up to date, greater 2.3-liter diesel supplanted the first unit two years after the fact. This and the presentation of a 16-valve variant of the 1.6-liter motor in July 1996 were the main major mechanical changes to the Serena run as such. Another Excursion trim level landed in mid ’96 and this and the SLX increased standard aerating and cooling (dependably an offering point with utilized MPVs) in May 1997. The 2.3 diesel models were just ever accessible with sliding entryways on both sides however Serenas with different motors had either a traveler side sliding entryway or the double entryway game plan.

There are, maybe, obviously, not very many zones to watch with the Serena. Safeguards have a tendency to get a significant work-out if the auto has been driven consistently with a full supplement of travelers and baggage. Push down on the hat and the body ought to oppose listing. In the event that it bobs back, the safeguards will require substitution. Mechanically, however, whatever is left of the Serena’s underpinnings are durable and solid yet look for rattly or smoky motors as worn camshafts are not obscure. Inside trim may have had a hard life on account of the youthful youngsters. Bear in mind to check the electric windows and entryway locks, if fitted, and in addition both electric sunroofs and cooling standard on a number of the later models.

Nissan Serena 1999 Design Interior Exterior

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