Nissan Serena 2016 New Exterior Interior Design

Nissan Serena 2016 New Exterior Interior Design – The fifth-generation Nissan Serena is revealed in 2016 and comes with a new style designed with sharp lines, a more aggressive front end. The 2016 Serena 2016 exterior has a basic front fascia variant, Serena featuring a two-slat V-motion grille, which meets the carved bonnet. Two-level headlamps have also been installed here, neatly mounted next to grille and new hoods, along with new fog lights.

Serena also gets a two-tone body color scheme and a “floating roof” view thanks to the D-painted black pillar. Nissan Serena 2016 also added that the A MPV pillar is thinner than before that does not result in a compromise on the structural rigidity of the vehicle. The protruding line also runs from the headlights, down the side of the MPV and into the rear door rail.

Nissan Serena 2016 New Exterior Interior Design

On the back of the 2016 Serena Nissan with tail lights are now shorter than ever, so as not to confuse Serena’s “roofing” roof. Between redesigned tail lights is the blackened part of the rear hatch for the Nissan logo, and just below it is a large chrome accent placed just above the nameplate and plate plates. Nissan Serena 2016 gets a bodykit that consists of a more aggressive front bumper with additional chrome to make the V-motion grille more prominent.

In the Interior section where the 2016 Serena Nissan cabin has been made more luxurious than ever, the top dashboard now has a wider binnacle instrument featuring new digital displays in it. In addition, the driver now holds a steering wheel that is thicker and sportier than ever. Rear air vents are positioned next to the newly designed center pile, which is equipped with a silver circle. In the perimeter, the middle stack becomes a host of new air-con switchgear, gear selector, electronic parking brake, push-start button and large touch screen infotainment unit.

Nissan Serena 2016 has the widest interiors in its class, and most of the space was found behind a seven-seater MPV. The Nissan Serena 2016 interior has a “zero gravity” seat from the Teana sedan, which goes into the first and second rows of Serena. The third row seat is also claimed to be designed for maximum comfort like a front seat to help reduce fatigue while driving long. There are also those that can help passengers who find it hard to climb, where seats can automatically come out and back inside with comfort for the passengers.

Nissan Serena 2016 New Exterior Interior Design

The safety features of Nissan Serena 2016 with Nissan’s emergency braking system, Lane Departure Warning, Around View Monitor, and Smart Rearview Mirror are the standards here. For driver assistance features, Intelligent Park Assist and ProPILOT are available. The latter marks the debut of Nissan’s autonomous drive technology, which automatically controls the accelerators, brakes and rudders while driving on the highway, both in heavy traffic and flow.

Nissan Serena 2016 with its S-Hybrid powertrain from its predecessor, which in this case, involves a two-cylinder double-CVTC dual-engined engine engine with a 2.0-liter MR20DD that develops 147 PS at 5,600 rpm while torque output is 210 Nm at 4,400 rpm. Combination with the Xtronic CVT, and equipped with an ECO motor that controls the Idling Stop function of the car and functions as an alternator during deceleration. The 1.8 kW / 200 A motor also enables the “torque assist” function, giving a boost of 50 Nm to one second.

Increases associated with other drives include strengthening the structure around the rear doors and increasing certain components of the suspension system such as larger shock absorbers. Nissan Serena 2016 has a special feature where a wide trunk door is supported with special features which can lift and lower the wheelchair, and lock it to stay in position.

Nissan Serena 2016

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