Nissan Terrano 2017 Elegant SUV Design

Nissan Terrano 2017 Elegant SUV Design – Nissan Terrano 2017 as an SUV class that presents and offers new styles and packaging. From the exterior side of Nissan Terrano 2017 comes with a fairly masculine and dynamic design. This can be seen from the various accessories embedded in this car and the curves are enough to make it so elegant.

Exterior of the front of the Nissan Terrano 2017 has a design that is not much different from its predecessor. V-shaped Grill is still maintained complete with its chrome accents. What distinguishes is a lighter silver color. Dynamic impression is also presented through the air cavity pinned on the middle side and stretched slightly to the side. On the main lights, LED light technology also presented DRL is ready to emit maximum lighting and give comfort to the driver who must spur this car at night. While on the hood, also pinned a thin curve on both sides to make the car look dynamic. Nissan Terrano 2017 look dashing with a bandage bumper sized. Aerodynamic impression is also maintained through the air cavity in the middle of the bumper. In addition, the bumper fog lamp mounted complete on the left and right.

Exterior of the Nissan Terrano 2017 side has a dynamic impression through the indentation on the door and door handles. Inter-wheel cavity is also made higher so that shows the legs so level. The sides of the wheel are also made more muscular. While on the roof there is a roof rail that can be enabled. And the back mounted stop lamp that feels elegant. Stop lamp with LED light is also ready to emit maximum lighting on the back side without having to dazzle the eyes. In addition to stop lamp, embedded rear combination lamp in order to beautify the door of the trunk. And rear underguard in the bumper to strengthen the back of this 2017 Nissan Terrano.

Nissan Terrano 2017 Elegant SUV Design

Interior Nissan Terrano 2017 that memorable elegance back on the inside. In the cabin with space provided for this SUV is quite large and airy. Dashboard with quality materials, equipped with multimedia panel LCD Touchscreen measuring 7 inches. While at the top of the Air Conditioner is ready suguhkan coolness to the entire cabin space.

On the steering wheel of Nissan Terrano 2017 steering switch control on the left and right side to facilitate the driver activate various features on the dashboard without having to move the hand from the wheel. Shifting to the seat, comfort seems to be Nissan’s top priority for Terrano 2017 users. In the front seat for example, space for the feet can be maximized because of the presence of sliding seats that can be in installments according to taste. While in the back seat, also pinned seats that can accommodate three people. In the middle seat in the back seat can also be converted into arm test complete with space to place a glass or bottle of medium-sized drinks. At the rear of Nissan Terrano 2017 has a large enough volume of luggage. Baggage is able to accommodate a variety of large items such as luggage, bags to folding bikes.

Features Nissan Terrano 2017 has various features to make a competent car drove in various fields. In the interior, also embedded dual SRS Airbag on the front to protect users from impact. This sturdy SUV features Electronic Stability Program (EPS) that is ready to make the car stable when facing sharp turns. As for the steep terrain, Terrano features Hill Assist Control to keep it tough while driving in hilly terrain. Combination braking ABS and EBD are also presented for the car braking becomes more leverage.

Nissan Terrano 2017 engine has a capacity of 1.5 liter diesel-powered. The machine is capable of producing up to 110 PS at 6,000 rpm. As for torque itself, Terrano is able to output torque up to 245 Nm at 4000-5000 rpm rotation. As a driving force, also comes with a 6 speed automatic transmission. Fuel is claimed to be quite economical because Terrano uses diesel as a source of energy.

Nissan Terrano 2017 Elegant SUV Design

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