Nissan Versa Note 2017 Sporty Style Design

Nissan Versa Note 2017 Sporty Style Design – Nissan Versa Note 2017 with the presence of the latest hatchback of Nissan products in automotive market will make the competition in the hatchback car segment will be more exciting. If you can see at a glance the physical design of the Nissan Versa Note looks sporty and so elegant, both from the front side, side and on the rear sector. A modern look where LED head lamps are shaped with the “Charm Headlights” style with chrome lining on each side of the head lamp so that besides being able to illuminate the streets ahead, it will also seem more sporty and attractive. Nissan Versa Note 2017 can also be seen on the front grille that carries the style of “V-Motion” typical of Nissan is so amazing.

Nissan Versa Note 2017 Sporty Style Design

On the side of the Nissan Versa Note 2017 mounted rear view mirror “Sculpted Wing Mirrors” which is made simple but fit with the body style of this Nissan Note. Nissan Note is equipped with a stylish and aerodynamic “Distinctive Tail Light” LED lamp which is known to emit a bright enough light at night without causing the driver’s glare behind it.

Sporty and luxury will feel so strong when entering the cabin space. Wrap interior with high-quality materials also increasingly beautify the atmosphere and strengthen the premium impression on the cabin space. Nissan Versa Note 2017 with dashboard equipped with several features. Among other things like Color Screen Display area of ​​5 inches equipped with Audio System. Smart Vision of Multi Information Display (MID) is also provided on the front of the driver’s seat is ready to display information related to the condition of the car accurately, such as speed, mileage, rpm, and fuel capacity.

The Nissan Versa Note 2017 steering wheel uses the steering wheel Sport Steering Wheel which also features several functional buttons that are integrated in the comfort feature control panel so that it will not interfere with the driver’s view. Then, for the seats are made of super-quality material that is so soft that it will make passengers feel comfortable. In addition, the interior is also equipped with Dual Front SRS Airbags are ready to protect the driver and passengers

Then, to support security and prevent theft action is also equipped with Easy Entry and Safety feature on the ignition key to open or close the door automatically with alarm bell. Then, to provide safety assurance then the Nissan Versa Note 2017 is also equipped with ABS braking technology with EBD & BA is able to prevent anti-skid tires and able to provide a more perfect braking.

Nissan Versa Note 2017 Nissan-made hatchback is equipped with super sophisticated technology. Engine capacity of 1198 cc with support technology DOHC and carrying type HR12DE 3 cylinder. The machine that carried Nissan Versa Note 2017 is also claimed to be able to provide power support is quite powerful. The machine is capable of reaching a maximum power point of up to 79 kW every 6,000 rpm and is capable of reaching peak torque point up to 106 Nm at round to 4,400 rpm. Power generated by the engine was channeled through two transmission options, namely CVTC and XTRONIC CVT with D-Step Logic. Nissan Versa Note 2017 to be environmentally friendly products considering the specifications on the side of this machine is using the EURO 4 standard that makes combustion or fuel consumption to be more efficient and effective.

Nissan Versa Note 2017 Sporty Style Design

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