Opel Adam Rocks Concept 2013 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Rocks Concept exemplifies the trademark qualities of current Adam models: simply like them, it is an athletic little, urban way of life auto with energizing configuration, unrivaled personalization and availability conceivable outcomes, and the best of German designing. Its full grown new hybrid body style is upheld by a skeleton that is raised by 15 mm with a 40 mm more extensive position. Nimble “Parkour” competitors, who give city spaces another contort and measurement, were the motivation for the Adam Rocks energetic urban hybrid idea. Its look is accentuated by noteworthy ‘elbow and knee cushions’, defensive cladding around the side ledges, and a halfway found fumes tailpipe in OPC style. The Opel Adam Rocks confident looks – with a conspicuous grille structure and LED headlamps demonstrate this auto implies business. The boomerang molded turn markers, encasing the haze lights highlight this impact and, when off, they shine in murky glass. This makes the Adam Rocks styling considerably more individual simply like the extra signals in the front side ledges.

The auto rides on substantial 18-inch wheels in Twister outline highlighting obvious Brembo plate brakes. These wheels, which are fitted with imaginative interchangeable wheel clasps, are as of now accessible in Adam’s generation program. However, the Rocks Concept’s clasps get another, bolder, significantly more expressive outline and a choice of new hues makes them emerge as opposed to the body’s different dim tones. Neon-blue stripes highlight the tire tread. This shading theme is reverberated in the inside and around the rooftop.

The real advantage of this design is that travelers can appreciate outdoors driving fun without losing trunk space. The electric rooftop folds back by means of remote control before the C-columns and does not jut into the rear end, leaving unhindered access to the storage compartment’s full limit. The extra weight brought about by this framework is insignificant contrasted with a customary, unadulterated cabrio idea a noteworthy criteria for an auto of that size. The “arranged” rooftop’s extraordinary request is its knowledge: an exceptional climate application, showed on the shading driver-data focus of the IntelliLink infotainment framework, knows when a climate front is inevitable and naturally starts shutting of the rooftop. Cunning if, on a hot summer day, you leave your auto open before your home and a tempest arrives.

The brilliant level of individualization is likewise reflected in the Adam Rocks’ inside. Exquisite Nappa cowhide upholstery in a Brandy-shaded tone from the Cascada gives the Adam idea lodge the premium feel of Opel’s new average size convertible all inside only 3.70 meters length. In run of the mill Adam style, the neon-blue channeling stands out wonderfully from the warm, light-cocoa cowhide. The channeling is additionally utilized on the cowhide directing haggle gear shift lever. Extra sprinkles of shading on the instrument board, focus console and entryway board embellishment of the Rocks Concept include a dashing touch precisely that unmistakable configuration style which recognizes every single Adam.

Opel Adam Rocks Concept 2013 Design Interior Exterior Car

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