Opel Vectra OPC Concept 2003 Design Interior Exterior

The Opel Performance Center (OPC) exhibited a ultra-energetic idea auto in view of the Vectra GTS at the 2003 Essen Motorshow. Highlighting creative twin-Turbochargers, the 1.9-liter diesel produces 212 bhp and crest torque of more than 400 Nm from as low as 1400 rpm. With this motor the Vectra OPC needs close to 6.5 seconds to sprint from zero to 100 km/h. Top pace is constrained electronically to 250 km/h, while fuel utilization in the European test cycle is just six liters for every 100 kilometers. With this effective yet efficient, elite regular rail infusion motor, Opel exhibits again its diesel ability.

The Vectra idea auto, created by OPC and in light of the GTS sport car, is fueled by another improvement of the 1.9 Turbo-diesel accessible right on time one year from now in the Vectra and the Signum. While the standard 1.9 CDTI ECOTEC creates 150 bhp, the twin-Turbo adaptation expands this to 212 bhp and along these lines has a higher particular force yield than the V12 6.0-liter gas motor in the Ferrari Enzo. The Italian supercar creates 110 bhp per liter, the Opel Vectra OPC’s twin-Turbo motor produces 112 bhp per liter.

Two electronically controlled Turbochargers, with most extreme help weight of 3.0 bar, are vital to the enhanced execution, empowering the 1.9-liter twin-Turbo to drive as easily as a normally suctioned, vast relocation motor. Crest torque of more than 400 Newtonmeters is accessible as far as possible up the motor velocity range from 1400 to 3500 rpm. Aside from the impressive force build, one of the upsides of the twin-Turbo rule is the motor’s low fuel utilization.

Opel Vectra OPC Concept 2003 Design Interior Exterior

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