Oshkosh PLS A1 Supports Mission Versatility Performance

Oshkosh PLS A1 Supports Mission Versatility Performance – Oshkosh PLS A1 with the M1075A1 and M1074A1 variants is built to work under the most extreme conditions, Oshkosh Defense PLS A1 enables efficient distribution of supplies and equipment even in the most dangerous environments. It offers the armed forces the flexibility, reliability and performance needed to support even the most challenging land transportation missions with extreme road terrain.

Oshkosh PLS A1 M1075A1 offers the same power, performance and efficiency from Oshkosh PLS A1 M1074A1 which is without item handling cranes. By carrying their cargo on unloading cargo which can be dismantled or inside an ISO 8x8x20 container (2.4 mx 2.4 mx 6.1 m). Which has a hydraulic load handling system (LHS) that is able to load and unload itself in less than a minute, without having to leave a taxi, the operator can load or unload the cargo quickly enough, and the trailer in less than five minutes. This improves mission and safety efficiency while reducing personnel fatigue and risk. Consistent reliability, high performance and extreme flexibility from Oshkosh PLS A1 M1075A1 are solutions to meet the needs of field mission support.

Hydraulic Load Handling System capable of selfloading and unloading loading and unloading with a loading capacity of 16.5 tons. The Oshkosh PLS A1 has an independent TAK-4® suspension system offering unmatched mobility. Can load 60% by itself with full charge or GVW. The combination of trucks and trailers can transport flatracks or ISO containers when a strong 30% climb on full payload capacity. Engineering Mission Modules (EMMs) extend the use of Oshkosh PLS A1 by including road construction and repairs, fire and construction details. And can also be on PLS engineering missions including the M4 bituminous distribution module, M5 mobile mixer module, M6 dump body, fuel farming module, water distribution module and others.

Oshkosh PLS A1 M1074A1 Supports Mission Versatility Performance

Oshkosh PLS A1 is powered by Detroit Diesel 8V92TA diesel engine, which develops 500 hp. The vehicle is able to carry its load in almost all types of terrain and maintain speed with the tracked combat vehicles it supports. The main drive has a full-time all-wheel drive and is equipped with a central tire inflation system. The Oshkosh PLS A1 is the latest and latest version of the original high mobility truck. Oshkosh PLS A1 has a revised and slightly larger armored taxi. The Oshkosh PLS A1 2010 is equipped with a more powerful Caterpillar C-15 ACERT turbocharged diesel engine, which develops 600 hp.

Oshkosh PLS A1 Supports Mission Versatility Performance

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