Freightliner Classic Traditional Truck Design Fantastic Power

Freightliner Classic Traditional Truck Design Fantastic Power – The 1991 Freightliner Classic fully reflects the American American truck philosophy, hood layout, 6×4 wheel formula, very powerful engine, and a large and strong sleep compartment. Four people can live here, designed with an interior like a house. The cabin length is almost three meters for the 1991 Freightliner Classic and certainly with an interior like home with a refrigerator, microwave, TV with vidic or DVD, stock of items needed. Of course, in the US there are also models with sleeping bags that are smaller or without them at all. But its large size is classic, emphasizing style on the Freightliner Classic. Freightliner Classic 1991 with fuel supplied from two tanks, each capacity 530 liters. Pneumo rear suspension with half spring, front with small spring. Brake drum, with parking energy storage only installed in the rear axle. Freightliner Classic is a driver compartment consisting of a special aluminum taxi that is usually designed by Americans. The Freightliner Classic 2009 has the legendary Detroit Series 60 engine that produces 470PS (464BHP) at 1800RPM; it has an 18-speed Fuller gearbox that is out of sync; and a 12.7L engine, the 12-cylinder Detroit Series 60 has an average lifetime of 1.5 million miles, which is amazing. Freightliner Classic

Mercedes-Benz 380SEC 1981 Comfortable Elegant Strong Design

Mercedes-Benz 380SEC 1981 Comfortable Elegant Strong Design – In designing the generation of S-class sedans and coupes in the 1980s, Mercedes-Benz built the best luxury cars in the world and with comfort, strength, image or safety, was amazing in achieving this goal with Mercedes -Benz 380SEC 1981 incorporates a new line of lightweight V8 alloy engines with a sleek, aerodynamic shape with a leading class of 0.34cd, to significantly increase fuel consumption. The coupe version of the W126 has been envisioned and the elegant Mercedes-Benz 380SEC 1981 features distinctive pillar styling on shorter platforms with sharper windshields and rear, sharp front-end style. Inside, the Mercedes-Benz 380SEC 1981 retains all the luxury features of the sedan, including electric seats with unique multi-directional controls, climate control, power windows and central locking, along with some unique equipment for the coupe, such as new front seats, contours individually rear seats, velor trim and arm safety belts pull out. Mercedes-Benz 380SEC 1981 with this engine produces a maximum power of 204 PS (201 bhp – 150 kW) at 5250 rpm and maximum torque of 315 Nm (232 lb.ft) at 3250 rpm. Power is transmitted to the road by a rear wheel drive (RWD) with a 5-speed automatic gearbox. With a maximum top speed of 131 mph (210 km / h), curb weight of 3494 lbs (1585 kg), the W126 380 SEC has naturally-aspirated, V8 engine cylinder, motorized gasoline. BODYWORK Body ……

Spyker C4 30/40 HP Standard Torpedo Cabriolet 1920s

Spyker C4 30/40 HP Standard Torpedo Cabriolet 1920s – Impressive quality of Spyker C4 30/40 HP Standard Torpedo Cabriolet, the method for replacing gears in Spyker C4 is rather strange; The gear gate has a ‘W configuration’. The lever must be moved back, to the side and then forward to replace the tooth. In 1921, Spyker C4 Torpedo was worth fifteen thousand guilders. In the same year, the British magazine The Autocar stated: “Spyker is a good car to handle. Considering that the cylinder capacity is below six liters, acceleration and strength are extraordinary. Progress from London to Brooklands is almost gliding, to the subtle rhythmic hum of the engine.” In the Netherlands, Spyker C4 sets special records. On November 27, 1920, the first Spyker C4 named ‘Tenax’ (Latin for ‘tenacious’) went for the Nijmegen-Sittard-Nijmegen endurance race, which is about 120 kilometers long, to be covered endlessly by four drivers over a period of about one month. The race ended on January 2, 1921, with Spyker breaking records set by Rolls-Royce; in 36 24-hour periods, ‘Tenax’ has traveled 30,000 kilometers with an average speed of 35 km / hour. Spyker C4 30/40 HP Standard Torpedo Cabriolet 1920s