Peterbilt 587 2011 Aerodynamic Truck Design

Peterbilt 587 2011 Aerodynamic Truck Design – In 2010 Peterbilt 587 has obtained the SmartWay Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) certification and has been recognized as an efficient and environmentally friendly fuel. Peterbilt 587 is an aerodynamic truck model that replaces the 387 model. By displaying a series of features that make it one of the most efficient trucks. Specially designed for highway applications, with a single cab or sleep configuration and axle rating of up to 46,000 lbs. A completely new front end design that cuts air smoothly and transfers around a slim hood and bumper. The hood made of lightweight materials can increase road visibility. Rake hood can help keep the weight of the truck to a minimum.

Peterbilt 587 2011 Aerodynamic Truck Design

Peterbilt 587 2011 lighting follows the same aerodynamic line as the truck line. Lighting equipped with innovative advanced lighting systems combined with standard halogen lamps. This lighting can display a 35% increase in brightness. There is also a choice of high intensity discharge lamps. This lamp provides a 220% increase in brightness compared to conventional lights.

Peterbilt 587 2011 has a long nose dominated by a typical Peterbilt radiator grille. Featuring three horizontal chrome lines and stainless steel grilles. Gas spring design that allows opening and closing tool boxes is easier so that storage of goods is safer. Peterbilt 587 is able to offer 1.25% fuel efficiency compared to Peterbilt 387.

Interior Peterbilt 587 2011 still has the same feel as an old truck. That still has a blunt dash and a simple steering wheel. Overall is pretty good and the controls have a layout that is quite intuitive and ergonomic. The layout of this central instrument cluster is one of the most neat and well-organized designs seen in this segment. Very cool seats are equipped with a swivel chair feature with double armrests. Besides that it has a 30-inch walking area that provides plenty of space around the cabin.

Peterbilt 587 2011 Aerodynamic Truck Design

Peterbilt 587 2011 has electronic equipment with superior trim or Premium trim. This equipment is equipped with SmartNav system, in-dash system, telematics and infotainment system. The SmartNav has a 7-inch touch screen that provides real-time vehicle monitoring and navigation systems. Apart from that hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition, integrated audio system with satellite radio and MP3, USB and iPod capabilities.

Peterbilt 587 2011 has a sleeping cabin with a bunk bed that is quite comfortable. In addition it has an additional storage area that includes two cabinets under the bed. Other available storage can be found on the windshield. In addition there are also two bottle holders under the middle dashboard and a large glove box in front of the passenger seat.

Peterbilt 587 has a PACCAR MX or Cummins ISX engine. Paccar MX cylinder block has been designed without side cover. Single-section cylinder heads have integrated inlet manifolds while oil filters. In addition, the oil thermostat and oil cooler have been combined in one oil module. The engine also uses compact graphite iron for blocks which makes it lighter and more resistant that conventionally constructed machines use gray iron. Paccar MX is also available with optional engine brakes that offer improved stopping power and reduce brake lining wear.

Peterbilt 587 2011 Aerodynamic Truck Design

Peterbilt 587 with Cummins ISX engine meets the 2010 EPA emissions regulations and develops between 400-600 hp with a maximum peak torque of 2050 lb-ft. The ISX unit is equipped with VGT turbochargers and also includes Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. This technology is used to improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. The ISX 15 also offers the best in-class engine brakes with braking power of up to 600 bhp.

Peterbilt 587 2011 front air suspension is lightweight and has a 20% increase in driving quality over taper leaf suspensions and is also compatible with air disc brakes and reduces tire wear. In addition, Leaf Air Leaf Suspension riders are designed to adjust the Low Air Leaf rear suspension and the popular FLEX Air.

Peterbilt 587 2011 Aerodynamic Truck Design

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