Peugeot Pars 1999 Design Interior Exterior

The Peugeot Pars otherwise called Peugeot Persia is an Iran Khodro item. Following 10 years of assembling Peugeot 405 in Iran Khodro organization, Peugeot Persia was planned as a facelift of the 405. Peugeot Persia was soon renamed to Peugeot Safir and in the end Peugeot Pars in light of neighborhood copyright issues. Peugeot Pars had been made in 3 models Pars, Pars 16V, and Pars ELX. The 16V and ELX models utilize an all the more effective PSA 16 valve motor and a couple of additional offices.

Not as prepared as ELX, this model was basically an overhauled variant of Pars in parts of motor and back brakes. The 16V utilized an all the more effective 16 valve motor, and back circle brakes, yet ABS was not accessible even as an alternative. The 16V model’s creation endured not exactly a year; started on the second quarter of 2003 and finished on the primary quarter of 2004 (making them 1382 model year in view of Persian logbook), the same time it was supplanted with the ELX model. Numerous Iranian auto industry commentators trust its generation was a contextual analysis of the Iranian auto market limit performed by Iran Khodro before starting the creation of ELX to check whether individuals are looking for all the more effective and extravagant variants of Pars.

As a change to Pars, the 16V uses strong plate brakes on back wheels, yet not at all like the ELX which is outfitted with a propelled ABS/EBD, the 16V model uses the same vacuum supporter, expert barrel, wholesaler, and water driven lines as the standard Pars. The all the more effective LFY motor fitted to the 16V models snatched the enthusiasm of the powers who are continually looking for elite yet economical autos as administration vehicles. An expansive number of 16Vs were delivered by enrolled by Iranian administrative associations. 16Vs can be seen as parliament administration autos furthermore motorcade escorts.

Peugeot Pars 1999 Design Interior Exterior

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