Peugeot RC Diamonds Concept 2002 Design Interior Exterior

The RC ideas are the initial move towards a Peugeot two-seater supercar. The RC Spade and RC Diamond are the main generation commendable ideas peugeot have discharged in the last couple years. The two autos are basically indistinguishable, aside from the motors, one of which is diesel.

Empahsis amid configuration was on lightweight development. This is apparent from the cabon fiber monocoque and clay plate brakes. The lightweight development is neccessary with the unassuming 170 HP bolstered from the 2 liter motor. The powertrain is fairly surprising. The little inline-4 motor sits transversly straightforwardly overtop the back hub. While this takes out the requirement for a driveshaft, weight conveyance is the principal thing which Peugeot have not tended to.

The Peugeot RC ideas are a much needed development from the standard thing, abnormal ideas Peugeot have been pushing. A stage towards generation commendable ideas may see the Peugeot line turn out to be more dynamic to suit the necessities of the games auto market.

The structure is produced using carbon pre-impregnated specifically onto honeycomb boards, framed and heated into an autoclave. This self-supporting shell fuses a pen move over bar, and structures an unbending gathering including the rooftop, to which are appended the front wings, the hoods and the two ‘scarab wing’ entryways. The shell houses the fuel tank and joins the front suspension and controlling associations and, at the back, the mountings of a tubular trellis sub-outline which bolsters the force train.

Reverberating the modern and donning attributes of the autos’ outside, stainless steel, aluminum and calfskin have been utilized all through the inside, with the cowhide upholstered carbon fiber basin seats highlighting engine dashing style saddle safety belts. The material and calfskin secured seats proceed with the red and dark topic.

The calfskin upholstered belt board houses a “chronograph” instrument board with both computerized rate and simple rev counter readouts. The electrical structure utilizes multiplexing and incorporates ventilating with programmed control, programmed headlamp enlightenment, programmed speed-controlled operation of the windscreen wipers, and an on-board PC.

body type 2+2 seater fixed-head coupé
number of doors 2
mm inches
wheelbase 2800 110.2
track/tread (front) 1600 63
track/tread (rear) 1500 59.1
length 4300 169.3
width 1800 70.9
height 1150 45.3
length:wheelbase ratio 1.54
kerb weight 950 kg 2094 lb
engine type turbocharged diesel
engine manufacturer Peugeot
cylinders Straight 4
capacity 2.2 litre
2168 cc
(132.299 cu in)
double overhead camshaft (DOHC)
4 valves per cylinder
16 valves in total
maximum power output 174 PS (172 bhp) (128 kW)
specific output 79.3 bhp/litre
1.3 bhp/cu in
maximum torque 400 Nm (295 ft·lb) (40.8 kgm)
specific torque 184.5 Nm/litre
2.23 ft·lb/cu3
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 2318.5 kPa (336.3 psi)
engine coolant Water
unitary capacity 542 cc
aspiration Turbo D.
intercooler Air/Water
catalytic converter Y
acceleration 0-100km/h 6 s
standing kilometre 26 s
maximum speed 230 km/h (143 mph)
power-to-weight ratio 183.57 PS/g
135.01 kW/g
181.05 bhp/ton
0.08 bhp/lb
weight-to-power ratio 7.41 kg/kW
12.37 lb/bhp
carbon dioxide emissions 132.0 g/km
ved band (uk) E
engine position mid
engine layout unknown
drive wheels rear wheel drive
torque split N/A
front suspension I.DW.
rear suspension I.DW.
tyres front Michelin Pilot Sport 245/45 R 18
tyres rear Michelin Pilot Sport 245/45 R 18
gearbox 6 speed manual

Peugeot RC Diamonds Concept 2002 Design Interior Exterior

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