Plymouth Prowler 2000 Sport Car With Unique Posture

Plymouth Prowler 2000 Sport Car With Unique PosturePlymouth Prowler has been customized to meet crash and safety needs, but it’s still very true for the original 1930-something roadster concept, mostly built of aluminum and compound-formed and weighing 2883 pounds. It’s powered by a 3.5-liter SOHC V-6 Chrysler engine rated at 218 hp and divided by 300M. Sprint 0-60 appeared in 7.2 seconds, but was later upgraded in 1999 to 5.9 seconds as engine power hit 253 hp. Plymouth Prowler is only available with automatic transmissions, and the V-6 record is a disappointing subtle engine for hot stick enthusiasts. The interior, however, is finely completed, if slightly narrow, and the bright colors round off the package. This dash displays standard Chrysler gauges.

The Chrysler styling studio has become famous for some of the industry’s most innovative designs, and the innovative Plymouth Prowler retro will definitely be one of their hallmarks. Take a touch of Ford ’34 roadster. Add cowl radiator and some features of classic Indianapolis champion cars. Spend a few weeks to read 50 Hot Rod and Car Craft questions. Then wrap it with high-tech features stolen from racing cars and the aerospace industry.

Plymouth Prowler its wide back is narrowed to a narrow nose, and the low-profile front tire is set more than one foot outside the body with all the springs and shocks buried in the narrow nose. If it was not for the front bumper mandated by a true 5-mph protection government, the Prowler front end would be as clean as an Indy car. To improve the balance, the transaxle is shifted to the back with a short engine speed driveshaft in between.

Plymouth Prowler is only about the only hot rod with independent suspension. Some authors have niggled about the 1997 V-6’s incompetence for chirping rear tire booms. New machines will please them. I spend enough time to run a winding mountain road and prove a ground slippery pad to really appreciate the balance and path that holds this sticky tire and the layout it produces.

Under the skin, Plymouth Prowler is a designed to prove new materials and techniques. The drivetrain and suspension layouts are stolen from engine parts of racing cars. All bodywork is aluminum bound, and when Chrysler adds a new line of its engine, this light metal dominates the vehicle. Even rear disc brakes are built from aluminum matrix composites. Only a few limited production cars that use exotic and weight-saving features.

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