Pontiac Bonneville Special Concept 1954 Design Interior Exterior

The Pontiac Bonneville Special is a reason made thought auto uncovered at the General Motors Motorama in 1954. It the beginning 2-seater sports auto Pontiac had ever made. Arranged by prestigious inventor Harley J. Earl and hand worked by Homer C. LaGassey Jr. besides, Gilland, the “Unprecedented” is a trial auto, a two portal, astounding going by game auto that joined inventive accomplishment styling like an all-plexi shade with gull-wing sheets on a smooth fiberglass body. The name “Bonneville” was excited by a trip by Earl to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah while watching speed trials there. It was in reality the essential auto at GM to have been named after it, and would transform into Pontiac’s top end execution stage for quite a while.

Two “Outstanding” models, one painted metallic bronze and one emerald green, were worked with the objective of uncovering them in the meantime at the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf in New York and the Pan Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles in 1954.

The diagram of the “Remarkable” drew its visual boost from America’s enthusiasm with flight related and rocket arrangement in the 1950s, using a wind-tunnel stirred profile and front line awesome work all through the body, hood and fire sear. Glass secured recessed headlights, two segments of louvers on the guards and twin “Silver-Streaks”[3] on the hood that incite utilitarian air scoops were among its most perceiving components. The rear styling was its most over-the-top visual sign. Highlighted between two rather extraordinary guard parities were ultramodern twin exhaust chrome-ports, similar to today’s Porsches, and a custom additional tire fenced in territory with space-age wheel plate that gave the auto a plane filled appearance.

Inside styling in the “Unprecedented” was forefront for the time being is the perfect time, and truth be told would pass marshal against today’s PC formed cars. The dashboard was a smooth, wing like arrangement that solidified a spotless level configuration of working instruments that gave within a bleeding edge cockpit look. Without a doubt, even underneath the dash, the gages were settled in by a molded metal facia with brushed complete the procedure of, ensuring by Earl that no unobtrusive component would go unnoticed. Between excellent, illustrative formed, cowhide holder seats lay an organizing metal, center console with for all intents and purposes unassuming apparatus shift handle, twin vent-control levers, and ignition key space. Centered over the three spoke, Corvette-style coordinating wheel was a singular, far reaching speedometer that read a top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h). Explorers grabbed section through routine lower portals and gull-wing sheets intertwined into the monocoque-style shade that swung upward.

Layout pass on overs of the Bonneville Special quickly made it into creation models the next year, and in the years that took after. Most apparent were the arrangements of silver-streaks, which showed up again on the 1955 and ’56 Chieftains and Star Chiefs, likewise Pontiac’s thought auto for 1956, the Club de Mer. The twin scoops, planned to channel cool air into the driver’s compartment – similarly on the Club de Mer – reemerged again on both the 1967 Firebird and 1968 GTO. The louvers, brightened equally on the guards, behind the front wheel wells, appeared to be again as vertical openings on the 1957 Star Chief Bonneville and 1965 2+2. The solid tail sharp edges were copied reliably on the 1955 and ’56 Pontiac. The 1958 Bonneville had an instrument board that organized the smooth stainless steel style of the “Phenomenal”, while the finned wheel covers transformed into a design sign for Pontiac’s prevalent 8-drag, aluminum edges that were exhibited in 1960. Ultimately, the shading was seen again on Pontiac’s front line two-seater, the Solstice, which was also painted metallic bronze.

Engine : Inline-8
Displacement : 4392 cc / 268 in³
Power : 171.5 kw / 230 bhp
Specific output : 52.37 bhp per litre
Body / frame : Fiberglass Body over Steel Chassis
Driven wheels : RWD
Transmission : 4-Speed
Gear ratios  :1

Pontiac Bonneville Special Concept 1954 Design Interior Exterior

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