Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Hardtop Coupe 1965 Muscular Design

Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Hardtop Coupe 1965 Muscular Design – In 1964, Tempest was redesigned as a more conventional and enlarged vehicle from compact to medium sized car with a wheelbase of 115 in (2,900 mm) and an overall length of 203 at (5,200 mm). Unibody, curved driveshaft and transaxle have been lost; they are replaced by traditional front engines, front transmissions, frames and a solid rear axle design. Tempest / Le Mans moved to a new Chevrolet Chevelle Chevrolet Chevelle.

Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Hardtop Coupe 1965 Muscular Design

The Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Hardtop Coupe was restyled for the 1965 model. A new split grille has a headlamp similar to the larger Pontiac, with taillights twisting around the sides of the car. Although there is no allowable equipment, pots, and metal gasket, it allows the cooler and more dense to enter the motor.

Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Hardtop Coupe 1965 cylinder head was revised and no longer has stud oiling parts. The intake manifold is also different, and will not be swapped with the previous motor. Horsepower increased to 335 at 5,000 rpm for a 4-standard engine, the tri-power motor output jumped to 360 horsepower at 5,200 rpm. Due to longer longer camera profiles, the Tri-power engine has slightly less torque (424 lb / ft at 3,600 rpm) than the base engine (431 lb / ft at 3,200 rpm).

Body type 4/5 seater sedan/saloon
Number of doors 2
mm inches
Wheelbase 2946 116
Track/tread (front) 1454 57.2
Track/tread (rear) 1524 60
Length 4731 186.3
Width 1810 71.3
Height 1378 54.3
Ground clearance 152 6
length:wheelbase ratio 1.61
Kerb weight 1347 kg 2970 lb
fuel tank capacity 76.1 litres 16.7 UK Gal 20.1 US Gal
engine type naturally aspirated petrol
Engine manufacturer GM
Cylinders Straight 4
Capacity 3.2 litre
3180 cc
(194.056 cu in)
Bore × Stroke 103 × 95.2 mm
4.06 × 3.75 in
Bore/stroke ratio 1.08
Valve gear overhead valve (OHV)
2 valves per cylinder
8 valves in total
maximum power output
117 PS (115 bhp) (86 kW)
at 4000 rpm
Specific output
36.2 bhp/litre
0.59 bhp/cu in
maximum torque
265 Nm (195 ft·lb) (27 kgm)
at 2000 rpm
Specific torque
83.33 Nm/litre
1.01 ft·lb/cu3
compression ratio 8.6:1
Fuel system 1 Ho carb
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 1047.2 kPa (151.9 psi)
Engine coolant Water
Unitary capacity 795 cc
Aspiration Normal
Compressor N/A
Intercooler None
Catalytic converter N
Power-to-weight ratio 86.56 PS/tonne (1000 kg)
63.66 kW/tonne (1000 kg)
85.37 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)
0.04 bhp/lb
Weight-to-power ratio 15.71 kg/kW
26.24 lb/bhp
Engine position front
Engine layout longitudinal
Drive wheels rear wheel drive
Torque split N/A
Front suspension I.CS.
Rear suspension I.CS.
Brakes F/R Dr/Dr
Gearbox 3 speed manual
Top gear ratio 1
Final drive ratio 3.33

Pontiac Tempest Lemans GTO Hardtop Coupe 1965

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