Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 SUV More Aggressive And Comfortable

Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 SUV More Aggressive And Comfortable – The Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 is a 264-horsepower SUV or equivalent to 197 kW, 3.6L V-6 and some new standard features, such as GM’s OnStar security and security system. The Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 offers an uncompromising balance of performance, style and comfort, and is distinguished from Torrent standards with aggressive positions and exterior design that includes unique hoods, new front fascia with cooling holes and detailed grille inserts.

Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 with the power of GML 3.6L V-6 DOHC with variable valve timings that supply 264 horsepower and 250 lb.-ft torque. Even the exhaust records performance with riders. The engine is mated to a six-speed six-speed GM Hydra-Matic transmission with a tap-up / tap-down feature, which provides manual transmission attributes and fuel savings. The Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 is available with standard front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive (AWD) configurations available.

With a 112.5-inch tire size and a broad 61.8-inch line help and ensure the Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 drive is stable and secure. The front suspension has a MacPherson buffer design and the rear has a four-link independent layout. The front strut has an internal rebound spring which improves roll stiffness and steering sensitivity, while maintaining ride comfort. Stiffer shock valving, spring rate, suspension bushing; larger solid stabilizer bars and hydraulic power steering contribute to more responsive and sporty driving experiences. Radial sports radial 235 / 50R18 special tires complete ride and handling characteristics Torrent GXP.

Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 SUV More Aggressive And Comfortable

Complementing the aggressive new exterior design Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 has a different hood, one inch lower position and with front and rear fascia and five-finger five-spoke high-clad aluminum wheels. Details like the chrome dual exhaust tip reflect the power of Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007.

Excess Torrent exterior Pontiac Torrent GXP 2007 is brought into the interior with a three-finger leather-covered steering wheel and a special GXP instrument, highlighted with Pontiac’s red backlight and a 140-mph speedometer. The chic “black piano” display on the instrument panel and around the shifter gate add a new dimension of performance to the interior. Perforated leather or customized fabric covers heated seats, with enhanced lateral support, is available and coordinates with door trim.

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