Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 Slightly Stylish Sportscar

Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 Slightly Stylish Sportscar – Hot Metallic Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 with standard features such as five-finger 18-inch wheels, 158-hp 2.4L engine, sport-trimmed sports seat, and 320-watt Monsoon sound system. The basic form of the outgoing Vibe is maintained, but overall its performance is more aggressive than the previous model. The hatchback form now consists of fine sheets that contrast with the hard folds, which gives a more modern five-door look than its predecessor.

Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 tester device consisting of 18 inch rims also makes the small Vibe look more sporty than the one in basic form, although both models share the same four cylinders. The new vibe is within an inch of the old model in almost every dimension, but the Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 weighs nearly 300 lbs. more than the outgoing sports model.

While the Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 additional safety equipment and larger wheels include some weights, the new 2.4L high hopper engine also adds tonnage. Larger engines are much smoother and smoother than the smaller 1.8L offered at lower trim levels, but the extra weight and torque are felt at the pump where the fuel economy is 21 mpg around the city and 29 highways. Available 1.8L four cylinders at base Vibe get 26 mpg city / 32 highway for those who are interested to pinch a few cents at the pump, but both engines feature Toyota VVT-i technology to make the most of their small displacement. On the inside, the basic look of the old model carrying more of the dashboard material has been enhanced with a more tactile feel.

Ergonomic upright in Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 makes it a necessity. The leather-and-sport seats at Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 are a great bright spot from the interior of the Pontiac Vibe GT. They are also convenient in the long journey, which is a big deal in my 35 mile daily trip to the office. Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 is a high hatch that also provides plenty of space on the inside.

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