Porsche 959 1988 Simple Design Great Performance

Porsche 959 1988 Simple Design Great Performance – The Porsche 959 1988 uses a highly sophisticated all-wheel electronic drive system, some of the most advanced body materials available in the world, and a large number of electronic devices that regulate the blueprint for today’s supercars. and is the fastest car in the world.

Porsche 959 1988 Simple Design Great Performance

Porsche 959 1988 exterior design looks very similar to 911. It has the same roof line, thick hips and angled nose that Porsche fans know and love, but 959 is bigger and cruel in many ways. The body is a few inches wider for the AWD system, and the tail is a longer space for new cooling equipment and that is a large integrated spoiler. Aerodynamics was designed to create a “zero-lift” air profile so it was very stable at the 1988 Porsche 959 at high speed. The body itself is built from several lightweight and sophisticated materials with aluminum, Kevlar and Nomex all included. Curb weight is rested just under £ 3,200..

Porsche 959 1988 Simple Design Great Performance

The interior of the 1988 Porsche 959 combines with a level of luxury and standard equipment that has never been seen before. Carbon floors and racing seats remain covered with leather, radio, air conditioning, power windows and more. The entire set of switches and controls for various electronics and systems in the car, driving the Porsche 959 198 is like driving a spaceship.

The Porsche 959 198 engine was a light modified version of the Porsche engine used in the “Moby Dick” driver and the Indy Car program. With a 2.9 liter displacement, the engine is technically a 2.85 liter unit, the 1988 Porsche 959 is about a liter down compared to most 911 days. With blocks, heads and pistons made of aluminum, combined with a titanium connecting rod and dry oil polishing system, the engine is very light and very compact. Equipped with a pair of sequential turbochargers, the Porsche 959 198 achieved 444 torque of horsepower power at 369 pound-feet.

Porsche 959 1988

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