Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 Hidden New Design

Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 Hidden New Design – It seems that the 2017 SVR Sport Range Rover gets some unseen updates. Designer Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 is crystal clear not excessive with design updates. In fact, every body panels do not seem to look much changed. The SVR 2017 Range Rover Sport exterior does not seem to have undergone drastic changes – or at least from what we can see. The front grille and lower fascia look identical to the current SVR Sport Range Rover, so perhaps the only change will happen with large air vents at both ends of the bumper.

The current bumper model is used to smarter hide all-new faces, but that is not possible. On the back where the rear looks identical to the SVR Sport Range Rover. Perhaps the Range Rover will provide an updated trim piece or offer an SUV with a new color.

Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 Hidden New Design

Interior Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 will likely continue as it is. If there is a change, expect to see the latest version of JLR infotainment software, or at most, a larger touch screen. The overall design of the interior is not expected to change. That’s good, because the 2017 SVR Range Rover Sport debuted for the 2015 model and still looks fresh. One area where we fully expect updates under the hood.

Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 is currently powered by a supercharged JLR engine, 5.0 liter V-8 which produces 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque. It’s certainly not terrible, but the latest tone of Jaguar raises the V-8 horsepower to 567 and torque to 516 pound-feet. The extra push in power should have reached one tenth or two times of the SVR 0-60 mph Sport, seeming to finish the sprint in four seconds. The full-time 4WD system is likely to carry over, as well as an eight-speed automatic ZF.

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