Renault D-WIDE 6×2 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Renault D-WIDE 6×2 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck – Renault Trucks is currently dispatching the D Wide CNG Euro 6, which works similarly well on normal gas or bio-methane fuel (biogas). Renault Trucks has been creating and offering vehicles running on compacted regular gas (CNG) for its Distribution range subsequent to 2004. The Renault Trucks D Wide CNG, fitted with the new 9L Euro 6 gas motor, offering a force rating of 320 hp (239 kW) and accessible in two designs; an unbending 19 t 4×2 and an inflexible 26 t 6×2.

This motor offers dynamic qualities and driving solace on a standard with that of a Diesel motor, while in the meantime giving higher torque (1,356 N·m, 1,000 lb-ft) and lower commotion levels.

The Renault Trucks D Wide CNG Euro 6 includes a completely programmed Allison arrangement 3200 gearbox, adjusted to deny accumulation applications. Like the Diesel form, the D Wide CNG has a gearbox which naturally changes from impartial to driving mode and the other way around. This permits the driver to initiate the tipper without having to physically change into impartial.

The Renault Trucks D Wide CNG is accessible with a decision of two fuel tank limits: 600 L of gas packed to 200 bars (90 kg of gas in six tanks) or 800 L (120 kg of gas utilizing eight tanks). For fuelling, the D Wide CNG offers associations with the NGV1 and NGV 2 models keeping in mind the end goal to meet the necessities of gas suppliers in Europe. Working extent is up to 400 km (249 miles) in urban situations.

These steel tanks have been intended to oppose a weight of up to 500 bars, which is 2.5 times higher than ordinary and stay operational for over 20 years. Like Renault Trucks’ Diesel vehicles, the D Wide CNG is created at Blainville-sur-Orne in the Calvados Département of France. The vehicle is likewise adjusted and kept up by the Renault Trucks system all through Europe.

Specification Renault D-WIDE 6×2 2013

Renault D-WIDE 6×2 2013 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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