Scania Citywide LE Hybrid 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

As per Scania’s organization in biofuels, the new Euro 6 blend powertrain keeps running on up to 100 percent biodiesel. The SCR-just Euro 6 engine is starting now low on fuel usage, yet the parallel cream system gives critical additional fuel speculation stores. Besides, at all like diverse half and parts, the system is progressed for city and rustic operation and licenses speeds up to 100 km/h.

Scania has been running trials on crossbreed advancement for more than two decades. Besides, energetic parallel cream thought that has now been moved in the Citywide transports is a broad response to customer demands that gives engaging payback times.

It will be conveyed in enormous volumes for both trucks and transports and will get full organization scope by method for the general Scania organization framework.

The new cream structure is a bit of Scania’s modularised extent of powertrains that powers both transports and trucks in a huge extent of mixes. It is moreover a segment of Scania’s whole deal framework for powertrain charge for both trucks and transports.

The hybrid structure is at first being offered on 12-and 14.8 m transports with two and three axles independently. The vehicles have a low-segment plan that offers a couple of functional open entryways. They can be shown to work peacefully in the city, and on country and medium-division courses.

The hybrid powertrain fuses the Scania 9-liter engine, in 250, 280 or 320 hp appearances, the last with SCR-just advancement and great with up to 100 percent biodiesel.

On the Citywide transports, the hybrid unit, including an electric machine (motor and generator) and modified handle, is arranged between the engine and gearbox. The electric machine is evaluated at 150 kW.

1,050 Nm. 1.2 kWh of imperativeness stockpiling is given by a lithium-molecule battery consolidated in the housetop structure at the front of the vehicle and is housed in an impeccably styled handle together with a DC/DC voltage converter and a cooling unit.

More details can read the brochure Scania Citywide LE Hybrid

Scania Citywide LE Hybrid 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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