Scania G420 6×4 2005 Design Interior Exterior Truck

Scania G420 6×4 2005 Design Interior Exterior Truck – Scania extends the G Series from. Included only the first construction trucks, now there are normal road vehicles available as G-model. The range is between P and R-series, and if we ‘our’ blue Scania standing in the parking lot, we doubt even. Is not that just an R-series Highline? But on closer inspection the cabin appears to be slightly lower in the chassis. Seven centimeters, to be exact, and it shows especially on the grille. Further, the space between the wings and the bottom of the cab is clearly smaller than that of the R. As with its predecessor actually, the time-honored 4-series. In the cabin, the memory of the four series also surfaced and it’s not so strange. Scania uses for the G namely the base of that model! Best smart that Sweden, as if they have a wonderful model to fill the gap between the P- and R-series.

For long distance, the R-Series will obviously the right choice. With its low engine tunnel and the opportunity to go for a Topline roof, this model offers maximum space and comfort. However, such a top model has a price and the most fleet owners who do not prefer to pay. However, the G-Series is extremely attractive price and to ensure that everyone switch to the G, reserving the Scania Topline roof for the R-series. The P-series will remain on the market for the lower regions, that is to say: the distribution of work. Sure, you can get such a P-cab Highline also with a roof, but it is still a low truck. Most drivers prefer to sit a bit higher and it also has an impact on the resale value. Although the G-series has only just on the market, the trade-in value will soon be relatively high, we expect.

this G-cabin. Seven whole centimeters. If you look at the grille, you will see that the hard part so the piece between upper and lower grille partly hidden behind the upper grille. More it does not matter, and in practice, the difference between R and G Series barely on. In the cabin, the same applies as regards the height of the motor tunnel. The difference is particularly evident in the center console. Where the chopping up the drawer with the R Series extends below the dashboard, this is the G not. A minimum difference so. Behind the wheel is everything else in the ancient remains and so is the renowned seat position unchanged. Our test vehicle drives like a R, feels like an R and is as comfortable as an R. In short, it really is a starting model of the R-series. He is in fact a bit simpler design. So you have to operate the roof hatch by hand, though fortunately not missing the fly screen. Further, the lower bed is not of the telescopic type, as it is to the R for sale. The mattress is somewhat thicker than before, and although you still have that weird corners behind the chairs must resign, there is good to live with. That is, if you are not the whole week from home.

Storage space is enough in this Highline cab, eg in three cupboards above the windscreen and under the bed. To the left is a pretty big storage compartment which is accessible from the outside and an additional charge you get this on both sides. Do you want to fold up the bed, then you must first pull on a red ribbon to release the lock. For example, break-ins via the check valves prevent the plastic material on the side of the cabin. The drawer in the middle contains no refrigerator, but you can of course order. The drawer itself is also very convenient. If you pull it open fifteen centimeters, he falls into a lock so you can always keep it accessible front pocket without the drawer slides open completely during braking. Perfect for all kinds of documents, paper clips and what else you need. In his neat bed side tables, find a reading lamp and the familiar remote control for light, radio and door locks. Our test car has no bunk, but it does have a reading light on that spot. Probably the upper bed is disassembled for the test drives. In addition, Scania the facilitator usually sits on the bed and then is such a top bunk in your neck not pleasant.

For more details you can download the data specifications Scania G420 6×4

Scania G420 6×4 2005 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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