Scania S 650 4×2 Highline 2017 New Design Handsome Mighty

Scania S 650 4×2 Highline 2017 New Design Handsome Mighty – The Scania V8 truck series makes a bold and confident statement on the road with the launch of the Scania S 650 2017 with the Highline 4×2 configuration as a towing tractor. This high-class 2017 Scania S 650 4×2 cabin can be equipped with the highest standards for operators who want the most practical and prestigious vehicles. With the introduction of the new 650 hp engine, Scania offers the widest range in the market.

Scania S 650 4×2 Highline 2017 New Design Handsome Mighty

Choose a powertrain that suits your needs perfectly. Scania’s comprehensive gearbox range includes many that can be customized for all types of transportation. To improve driving capability, our 12-and 12+2-speed gearboxes can be fully integrated with Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder.

The new Scania S 650 4×2 Highline 2017 is running very good according to the driver. The new V8 is very good on fuel compared to the 730. Version he drove before this one. The truck is now running 10.5 miles per gallon. That is 26.9 liters on 100 km and that is a big improvement in comparison with the 730 Hp EGR engine. A brand new 650hp version of the Scania V8 joins the 520hp, 580hp, and 730hp units already available. The new 650hp unit has a torque rating of 3,300Nm, the same as the 520hp and 580hp models, like the 520hp and 580hp, will use SCR-only technology, making them between 7% and 10% better on fuel.

Scania S 650 4×2 Highline 2017 New interior design is enough to provide comfort for the driver with new nuances and packaging of enough security apart from comfort for the rider. With many options in accordance with the use of trucks not only the exterior but also the interior can be adjusted according to the needs.

Scania S 650 4×2 Highline 2017

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