Seat Exeo 2013 Cool Family Sedan Design

Seat Exeo 2013 Cool Family Sedan Design – Seat Exeo is the first executive sedan of SEAT size, Seat Exeo 2013 is great to drive, drive comfortably and build properly. The interior is actually taken from the A4 Convertible and adds an upscale edge to the four-door saloon, while a decent-sized boot makes it a good choice as a family sedan.

Seat Exeo 2013 Cool Family Sedan Design

Seat Exeo 2013 with a not big one but has a main 2.0 liter diesel available in three different power outputs, providing options for those who want a direct economy or extra performance. It’s well equipped and good value too, giving you an edge over more established saloons. TSI 2.0 liters with 200bhp. So that Seat Exeo 2013 accelerates from 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds. Not surprisingly, it is TDI 2.0 that most people choose.

The Exeo 2013 Seat Engine is available in three different power outputs: 120bhp, 143bhp and 170bhp but the most sensible mid-powered version, offering a good blend of strong and economic performance – it can average 51mpg. Unlike previous SEAT diesel engines, this engine is a common rail, which means it is much smoother and quieter. It certainly looks when sailing, even though at a higher revision it can be noisy. All versions offer strong performance, especially from low speed, while the 170bhp model accelerates from 0-62mph in 8.4 seconds.

Seat Exeo 2013 Cool Family Sedan Design

Seat Exeo 2013 uses a dashboard that gives it a more stylish look, aided by features such as circular air vents and quick buttons. The quality is extraordinary, as is the end result and all controls are easy to recognize, especially the neat climate control system. However, the optional sat nav system is not as intuitive as other systems that are available, but works well.

The driving position is very precise and there are many adjustments in both the seat and steering column while the instrument button is clear and easy to read. Thanks to an forgiving ride and good noise isolation, Seat Exeo 2013 is ideal for long-distance motorbike trips, further aided by supportive seats. Wind noise at higher speeds is also kept to a minimum. The biggest complaint is the lack of rear legroom, especially if you have a high driver or front passenger. With the front seat all the way back, there is practically no room for anyone to sit behind.

On the positive side, all Seat Exeo 2013 models are equipped with dual zone climate control as standard and an acoustic windshield is available in the SE model and above. This reduces further noise and also includes a special heat reflecting material to reduce temperatures inside up to 10 C. A sunroof with integrated solar panels is also available that uses solar energy to power air vents and cool the interior even when the engine is inactive.

Seat Exeo 2013

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