Setra Multiclass S 418 S 419 Interior Design Exterior Design

Setra Multiclass S 418 S 419 Interior Design Exterior Design – MultiClass S 418 LE business. When you require more space, do you have long lines of travelers? At that point pick the new S 418. It presents to 61 situates, and is in this way the perfect transport on the off chance that you need to convey a great deal of travelers in the interurban travel area. With the MultiClass S 418 LE business, Setra is extending the scope of low-section intercity transports and consequently productively using the particular idea of the MultiClass 400. With the transport, the Setra MultiClass 400 is developing to a sum of thirteen models. The 14-meter-long vehicle, which is intended to be low-floor with a level section without ventures after the back passageway, is controlled by the effective six-barrel motor OM 470, which has a power yield of 265 kW (360 hp) and 290 kW (394 hp) Is accessible.

Design Exterior 2014 Setra S 418 LE Business

Design Exterior 2014 Setra S 418 LE Business

The six-speed manual gearbox GO 210 is standard. What’s more, the transport administrator has the decision of three further gearbox variations: the completely robotized eight-speed manual gearbox GO 280-8 PowerShift, the six-speed programmed converter ZF Ecolife and the four-speed programmed gearbox Voith DIWA.6. The S 418 LE business emerges with its high seating limit, which can suit more than 60 individuals taking a seat contingent upon the plan. Setra hence covers the interest for high-recurrence intercity activity.

The 14.96-meter long S 419 GT-HD develops the scope of high-deck mentors in the ComfortClass 400 arrangement, and is the longest variation in the joined visiting/between urban fragment. Initially displayed at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) in Hanover, this visiting mentor was intended to meet particular client prerequisites and has one more line of seats than the S 417 GT-HD. As needs be this model, which can oblige up to 67 seats with a 3-star situate format and no latrine, is an especially appealing option for mentor administrators in nations with expansive long-separate street systems.

The transport was made at the demand of a Spanish client. Also, on the grounds that the Spaniards are on effective power, the transport of the Mercedes OM 502 LA, a V 8 motor with 350 kW (476 hp) control and a dislodging of 15,930 ccm was given. As a gearbox, he got the ZF AS-tronic, which, be that as it may, can be on the other hand supplanted with the arrangement begin by the robotized Powershift transmission GO 210 from Mercedes.

For the travelers, the 3-star adaptation 61 has “Travel” easy chairs, which are lessened to 54 situates in the 4-star form. Also there is the driver’s and sidekick’s seat. To guarantee that the transport does not get excessively hot, the ComAir rooftop mounted cooling framework has a limit of 39 kW.

The Setra S 419 UL is a transport sort that is both appropriate for intercity and visit transportation. This kind of transport is fabricated by the German transport producer Scania and is the successor of the S 319 UL. UL is the name for Überlandbus, which thusly implies nearby transport. The transport does not have a brought down floor, so that there are steps are required, and hard to incapacitated individuals can be incorporated into the transport. This sort of model has two forms, the rendition with a front for transport and conveying a front for tourism

Setra Multiclass S 418 S 419 Interior Design Exterior Design –

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