Setra S 511 HD 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Setra S 511 HD 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Most limited variation of the Setra ComfortClass 500 accessible in different gear variations, Ten meter-long two-hub mentor likewise accessible with back passage. Test vehicles fitted with OM 470 Euro VI motor. Around the rococo royal residence and chasing hotel of Moritzburg, along twisting streets in Dresden’s surroundings or through the city’s slender back streets – mentor administrators and drivers can depend on the S 511 HD, the most limited variation of the Setra ComfortClass 500, even in the most impenetrable circumstances.

The high-decker fits different fit-outs, and by prudence of its minimized measurements it is fated for the establishment of kitchen modules or a restrictive club corner in the back – perfect for club trips or conferences. The S 511 HD is likewise accessible with a back passage. The traveler compartment offers the standard abnormal state of extravagance which is a sign of the ComfortClass 500. This incorporates the headroom, the lovely sentiment extensive size, the various seating variations and the liberally estimated gear racks. The gear compartment limit shifts as indicated by the position of entryway 2. With an inside passageway, mentor perators have 5.3 m3 of baggage space available to them with a latrine, or 6.5 m3 without a WC module. With a back passage, the baggage compartment limit remains at 7.5 m3. With 3-star characterization, the S 511 HD can suit a sum of 41 travelers, while the 5-star variation offers space for 32 travelers. At the point when the vehicle is given a back passageway, the quantity of seats in the 3-star variation is 38.

Various solace offices offer travelers a five star travel experience. Aside from the agreeable seats with long pads and extensive baggage racks, these offices additionally incorporate LED traveler compartment lighting, coordinated in the administration sets over the twofold seats.

Like its antecedent, the S 511 HD takes after the rule of “toning it down would be best”. A wheelbase of 5005 mm gives the two-hub mentor with a turning circle of as meager as 17,488 mm. The mentor has a methodology point of 9.0 degrees and a takeoff edge of 7.2 degrees. The back and front portions of the S 511 HD have been abbreviated by 120 mm and 625 mm separately contrasted and the S 515 HD.

The S 511 HD does not go short on wellbeing, notwithstanding. The Front Collision Guard (FCG), the propelled crisis slowing mechanism (AEBS) and the Lane Assistant all element as standard. Dynamic Brake Assist 3 (ABA 3) with vicinity controlled voyage control (ART) is alternatively accessible, accommodating self-sufficient braking of the S 511 HD to a halt if essential. ABA 3 offers higher security stores and as of now surpasses future legitimate prerequisite.

At a glance
Engine OM 470 Euro VI
Transmission MB GO 210-6 (PowerShift), 6-gear
Seats 43
Total length [mm] 10.465
Width [mm] 2.550
Total height [mm] 3.770
Inside standing height [mm] 2.100
Wheelbase [mm] 5.005
Turning circle [mm] 17.468
Engine OM 470 Euro VI
Nominal capacity [kW] 290
Max. torque [Nm] 1.900
at speed [1/min] 1.100
Displacement [l – Litre] 10,7
Type 6-cylinder in-line engine
EU emission standard VI
Injection Common-rail-technology with X-pulse pressure booster
Transmission MB GO 210-6 (PowerShift), 6-gear
Chassis ·         Front axle: independent suspension, anti-roll bar
·         Drive axle: with anti-roll bar
·         Raising/Lowering system
·         Kneeling
·         Engine/Drive/Brake management with retarder integration
Engine/Drive/Brake management with retarder integration ·         Pneumatic disc brakes on all axles
·         Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®)
·         Electronically controlled braking system (EBS)
·         Anti-blocking system (ABS)
·         Traction control system (TCS)
·         Brake Assist (BAS)
·         Retarder
·         Retarder limiter (RL)
Safety ·         Front Collision Guard (FCG)
·         Rollover strength compliant with ECE-R 66/01
·         Lane Assist (SPA)
·         Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
Seats/Luggage compartment
Standard seating 43
With 4* equipment 36
With 5* equipment 32
Storage volume 6,5
Fuel tanks
Diesel fuel tank volume [l – Litre] 310
AdBlue tank volume [l – Litre] 40
Number of doors 2
Door 1
Number of door panels 1
Width per panel [mm] 900
Without kneeling [mm] 370
Kneeling step 1 [mm] 330
Door 2
Number of door panels 1
Width per panel [mm] 900
Without kneeling [mm] 370
Kneeling step 1 [mm] 330
Heating/Air conditioning/Ventilation ·         Convector heating at side walls
·         Climate control for driver’s area
·         Roof-top air conditioning system
·         EvoCool Basic

Setra S 511 HD 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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