Setra S 516 HD 2012 and Setra S 516 MD 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Setra S 516 HD 2012 and Setra S 516 MD 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus – The S 516 HD 2012, disregarding Euro VI congruity and expanded unbending nature, offers a light point of interest in burden versus Euro V. With its two axles, it positions among the most savvy 13-meter mentors. It has four stars and space for 48 individuals; it is a convincing recommendation for transport and mentor administrators because of its pattern setting lifecycle expenses and it takes voyagers to their destination quickly and securely, controlled by an earth well disposed Euro VI motor. The S 516 HD/2 from the new Setra ComfortClass 500 is the Setra highlight at the current year’s RDA Workshop, occurring under the maxim “Encountering society”.

The vehicle is outfitted with a Mercedes-Benz 315 kW OM 470 “Blue Efficiency Power” Euro VI-era motor and a GO 210 6-speed transmission. In the 2012 Daimler AG Bus Record Run, the ComfortClass 500 vehicles showed amazingly that agreeable mentor travel can now be significantly more fuel-effective. Only this is reason enough to utilize the new Setra mentor era for operation on German and universal long-remove courses. A subject to which that the coordinators of the Cologne exchange reasonable even committed an extraordinary demonstrate this mid year.

Setra S 516 HD 2012 Design Interior Exterior Bus

S 516 MD 2014 center deckers offering an exclusive expectation of solace The Setra ComfortClass 500 is variable as far as length, as well as with regards to the tallness of the vehicles. Notwithstanding appealing high-deck mentors, the inventive model arrangement now additionally incorporates two center deckers bearing the assignment “MD”. The two new completely fledged visiting mentors highlight all the benefits of the prudent ComfortClass. The 12,295 mm long S 515 MD and the S 516 MD measuring 13,115 mm long results of the secluded framework, give a practical and adaptable purpose of passage into the individual travel universe of the Setra ComfortClass 500.

The already phenomenal vehicle measurements expand the extent of uses: from prudent vehicles second to none with little motors and proficient essential setups in the territories of the cockpit and seating to astounding transport mentors of the Setra ComfortClass 500 which suit for all intents and purposes a wide range of gear and fittings. We are persuaded that Setra has the right model for each kind of utilization. At a stature of 3560 mm, the new center deckers not the slightest bit stand in the shadow of their greater “siblings”. They fit concordantly into the current item family, yet have their own particular unmistakable character. In transport administration, in consolidated transport operations or on short weekend trips. On excursions when travelers have less gear, these are the new option for all mentor administrators why should sharp hold the well known Setra solace highlights. The vehicles of the MD class amicably join an abundance of meetings with a lower floor gathering.

The passages on S 516 MD are as liberally dimensioned as on all vehicles of the Setra ComfortClass 500. The single-tone cockpit is coordinated for transport and standard administration use, highlighting a multifunction directing wheel, the demonstrated Stacks and Cards working idea, the “Bosch Classic Line” stereo CD sound framework and extra stowage offices inside the driver’s span. The HVAC control unit additionally allows separate atmosphere control settings for the driver’s work environment and the traveler compartment with this cockpit variation. Drivers, visit aides and travelers have long come to welcome this framework, and can now make the most of its advantages on board the MD vehicles, as well. Then again, for selective visiting use mentor administrators can pick a passageway range with ornamental elements and collapsing ottomans on the visit aide’s seat in conjunction with the cockpit which comes as standard on the HD mentors.

The MD mentors likewise hold the standard headroom of 2100 mm – even the tallest travelers have all the headroom they require. The traveler compartment offers the attempted and tried setting with top notch surface completions and fabric-secured roofs. Bended gear racks and air conduits driving upwards along the edges manage the cost of an unmistakable perspective outside. The passageway and path lighting comprises of LED lights as standard. With different seating variations and the choice of a back entryway, The S 516 MD are adaptable visiting mentors which make their imprint as conservative all-rounders. The establishment of a level floor and lavish 2+1 seating is another possible choice.

The limits for the S 515 MD with focus passage range from 40 traveler seats on board the Setra Route model in its 5-star variation to 49 seats with 3-star arrangement and from 40 to 48 seats with a back passageway. On the S 516 MD the figures rise in like manner from 44 to 53 seats and on account of a back passageway from 44 to 50. The baggage compartment limit with focus passage stands (counting can) on 7.8 m³ on the S 516 MD.

Setra S 516 HD 2012 and Setra S 516 MD 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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