Setra S 531 DT 2018 Double Decker Premium Spectacular Bus

Setra S 531 DT 2018 Double Decker Premium Spectacular Bus – Setra’s TopClass with new models and styles in 2018. Setra S 531 DT new from 500 with Double Decker models that have maximum efficiency and variability, highest and safest comfort, Setra S 531 DT 2018 with a high level of TopClass 500 sets new standards in its class.

Setra S 531 DT 2018 Double Decker Premium Spectacular Bus

Setra S 531 DT 2018 double decker bus is designed for optimal aerodynamics from front to back. At the front, the window glass with pronounced curvature and wide edge fingers allow air to flow around the vehicle, while on the back of the recess and the air flow that separates the air guides the air flow in a controlled manner. Construction engineers have attended to the smallest details: windshield wipers on the vertical top deck in their resting positions, for example – features adopted from motorsport. These steps produce the drag coefficient Cd = 0.35 – a new benchmark for this segment. Aerodynamics Setra S 531 DT 2018 provides a basis for record-breaking fuel consumption, which drops around seven to ten percent compared to its predecessor model.

This second floor of Setra S 531 DT 2018 comes as standard with long LED headlights that are good for the eyes. ActiveBrake Assist 4 (ABA 4) emergency braking system is being introduced in the bus and coach sector for the first time in Setra S 531 DT 2018. In addition to the functions previously available, full maximum braking in response to stationary objects and obstacles moving in front of the vehicle and pedestrian detection feet with automatic braking response.

Setra S 531 DT TopClass 500, Unterdeck, Interieur, Cockpit Comfort Plus, Sitzbezüge: Gecko Kiesel, OM 471 mit 375 kW (510 PS), 12,8 L Hubraum, 8-Gang Mercedes PowerShift, Sideguard Assist, LED-Scheinwerfer, Länge/Breite/Höhe: 14.000/2.550/4.000 mm, Bestuhlung: 1/78.   Setra S 531 DT TopClass 500, Lower Deck, Interior, seat covers: Gecko pebble, OM 471 rated at 375 kW/510 hp, displacement 12.8 l, 8-speed Mercedes PowerShift transmission, Sideguard Assist, LED Headlamps, length/width/height: 14000/2550/4000 mm, seating: 1/78.

The deck under Setra S 531 DT provides a basic variable for this flexibility, along with the scope for individual appointments and seats that are typical of the brand. Thanks to a completely new construction, the platform on the ground floor on the right as seen in the direction of travel can be removed if the customer wants it. This produces a new option: wheelchair, installation for bistro buses. Available diversity also manifests in the cockpit, customers can choose between the elegant cockpit of the Setra ComfortClass 500 and the luxurious cockpit of the TopClass 500.

Setra S 531 DT 2018 Double Decker Premium Spectacular Bus

Setra S 531 DT 2018 with a bright interior, with lots of light and modern design, the interior makes a broad impression. The stairs that connect the lower and upper deck catch the eye specifically. Sparkling on the outside, they feature a panel consisting of translucent acrylic plastic on the inside. Even the two-tone step with individual lighting, continuous landing and handrails give passengers a sense of security when climbing and down stairs. Small rooms with completely new designs are also noteworthy. Installation is arranged diagonally, utilizing the maximum available space. The sparkling white top of pleasant LED furniture and lighting is reminiscent of the modern bathroom. There is an optional fragrance fragrance system. In this way, a fresh and unobtrusive aura welcomes guests and encourages them to feel comfortable in Setra S 531 DT 2018.

Setra S 531 DT 2018’s modern appearance is characterized by a modern and different appearance. This face with a dark front panel and silver brand writing clearly comes from the TopClass 500. As a new feature, two smooth windows are joined together and structured by an aluminum rod. On the sidewalls, designers have adapted the “La Linea” aluminum strip, which now extends horizontally along the edge of the roof. Extensive glass is highlighted with a counter sweep at the level of the back stairs, which adds a dynamic touch and aluminum surround feature. The top panel of the Setra S 531 DT 2018 deck now appears to hover like an island on a glass. Below it, the aluminum badge above the front wheel arch provides a waist fence on the lower deck. Side fins with air flow that separates the edges and tail lights from the 500 model series frame the rear. On the new second-level bus, two ventilation lattices for the engine have been put together. Above this, the black grille from Top is integrated. The air conditioning system makes its mark. The chrome plated badge featuring the brand letters of the TopClass 500 catches the eye under the rear window, the perfect finishing touch for a spectacular and cool bus.

Setra S 531 DT 2018 Double Decker Premium Spectacular Bus

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