Škoda 1100 MBX de Luxe 1968 Design Interior Exterior

Škoda 1100 MBX de Luxe 1968 Design Interior Exterior – Škoda 1100 MB display auto, which was delivered by a Czechoslovak organization Škoda from Mladá Boleslav in the years 1968-1969. Since January 1968 (16 arrangement) was brought into creation new Type 715 (30) with expanded motor with a higher execution organized at the Brno exchange reasonable in the fall of the earlier year. Named the 1100 megabytes deLuxe. The test auto’s 1,100 megabytes deLuxe see for witnesses . A similar motor likewise started to mount in the body MBX, which was the sort 723 , along these lines 1100MBX deLuxe.

Inside the last model year ’69 (from 18 arrangement) experienced Škoda MB a few huge changes. Most importantly, the creation was ceased sorts 990T and 710 (1000MBX deLuxe, 1000MBG deLuxe). For cars were shaped and intensified skeleton of the auto in the lodge. All progressions to the suspension have implied an expansion in vehicle weight by around 30 kg. “Oval” veil has been supplanted by a part even strips with ŠKODA. From the eighteenth to the end of arrangement creation in this manner AZNP offered the accompanying sorts: 1,000 megabytes ( 45699 – CSK) 1,000 megabytes deLuxe ( 48 900 , – CSK) 1,100 megabytes deLuxe ( 51 700 , – CSK) and deLuxe 1100MBX ( 52 900 , – crowns ).

Autos ’69 model is further portrayed by the nonattendance of side bearing marker (just on demand), plastic lettering on the stern and identification with a dark foundation and a silver bolt, uniform standard for execution and deLuxe . Remotely, 1100 models MB the same as autos Series 1000 MB. The main distinction was all the more effective motors with a limit of 1107 cc and a force of 52 hp at 4800 rev/min, when 81.5 Nm at 3000 r/min. Increasing speed from 0 to 80 km/h took 14 s, greatest speed was 127 km/h, normal fuel utilization of 7.9 l/100 km.

Škoda 1100 MBX de Luxe 1968 Design Interior Exterior

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