Škoda 1203 Minibus 1968 Design Interior Exterior

Škoda 1203 Minibus 1968 Design Interior Exterior – Skoda 1203, famously called “dvanáctsettrojka” or likewise mockingly “dvanáctsettroska” is the first and still the main Czech, separately. Czechoslovak mass-created little utility vehicle with a self bezkapotovou bodies. It is likewise the last auto mark Skoda great idea (adapted engine at the front, raise wheel drive).

Producer AZNP, plant Vrchlabí (1968 – 1982)
TAZ Trnava (1981 – 1999)
Roman Jirouš – OCELOT Žacléř (1994 – introduce)
Different names TAZ 1500
A long time of Production 1968 – introduce
Forerunner Škoda 1202
Body closet/minibus, flatbed
Originator Milos Krejčíř

Length 4520 mm
Stature 1900 mm
Wheelbase 2320 mm
Minibus check weight 1260 kg, 1170 kg van, flatbed 1180 kg
Payload minibus 700 kg, 950 kg van, flatbed 1000 kg

The auto started to deliver in Vrchlabi in 1968 (Type 997). After five years he started fabricating modernized sort 776 and part of the generation was moved to the Slovak Trnava. In 1981, in the city moved the whole generation (in Vrchlabi has since delivered a more rich variant of cars Skoda 742 in hardware GL and GLS) and the name was changed to feel sorry for TAZ. In 1985 came the further modernization and showed up in 1,433 cc motor (model TAZ 1500). In the 90s when other modernizing got TAZ 1500 sliding side entryways, another cover and a model 1999 plastic guards, in a few autos fiddled Volkswagen diesel motor, yet it was the swan melody.

In the Vrchlabí plant were delivered in the years 1968-1981 69,727 pieces. The main model under the name W 979, which varied making body, it was implicit the spring of 1957. This model fueled motor of Damage 1,201th in collaboration with CZ Strakonice be on the skeleton S 1203 W 998 agromobil expand while in transit to the German Unimog, add up to yet manufactured just 23 duplicates.

After effective arrangements for the buy of generation Tazu organization obtained Roman Jirouš – OCELOT in view of the delimitation of creation no. A675/1999 protected innovation, including generation from San Francisco, so after around 30 years back creation to the Czech Republic, in Žacléře, the place is 16 km far from Vrchlabi, which started in the ’60s.

Škoda 1203 Minibus 1968 Design Interior Exterior

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