Škoda 860 Cabriolet 1929 Design Interior Exterior

The Škoda 860 was an auto that was appeared without precedent for 1929 was delivered at the Prague Motor Show and somewhere around 1929 and 1933 by the Czech auto maker Skoda. The 860 was in its time an extravagance auto with a wood and steel delivered stepping stool sort skeleton. The auto was conveyed as a limousine or convertible. The 860 was the primary model of Skoda with an eight-chamber motor, this motor was made of two four-barrel inline motors. The numbers “860” give specialized information of the auto once more, to be specific the “8” for the quantity of barrels and the “60” to the force of 60 hp (44 kW).

Despite the fact that there has been an aggregate of around 100 models have been sold in a sum of 49 models of the Škoda 860. Of these four models sold in convertible type of wares. The limousine was a period in which high cost of 127.000, CZK (Czech crowns) sold and the convertible was sold for 140.000, CZK.

The 1,270 kg (2,800 lb) cantinas were sold with 1089 cc motors delivering 40 bhp (30 kW), later 50 bhp (37 kW), and 1221 cc motors with 45-55 bhp (34-41 kW). The marginally heavier home wagons at 1,365 kg (3,009 lb) were all dispatched with 1.2 liter motors. The top rate was 110 to 115 km/h (68 to 71 mph). The Škoda Octavia motor and gearbox were utilized as a part of the Trekka light utility vehicle, which was produced in New Zealand from 1966 to 1973.

Škoda 860 Cabriolet 1929 Design Interior Exterior

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