Škoda Perun HE 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

Škoda Perun HE 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus – Škoda HE (High Energy) PERUN is a present day twelve-meter transport furnished with cutting edge lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) batteries with high vitality thickness for accomplishing long ranges per single charge. Along these lines, PERUN HE is reasonable for use on courses, where there is no time limit for constant charging, or where the fundamental quick charging framework can’t be built up. At the point when completely charged, the vehicle battery stores 222 kWh of vitality, on which the electric transport can go up to 150 km inside the traveler transport, while as yet holding save vitality for crisis travel. The vehicle can hold up to 82 travelers (counting 27 situated).

PERUN HE can go further 150 km if there should arise an occurrence of charging through the quick charging station ŠKODA Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) in only 70 minutes, which is a noteworthy preferred standpoint as contrasted and vehicles of contenders. Regarding long battery life and keeping up the longest range, it is invaluable to utilize moderate portable chargers ŠKODA amid difficult night booked interferences of the operation, as moderate versatile chargers level off the individual cells of the battery to the same level of charging (adjusting) inside 6-8 hours (at info power 32A 3F at full release).

Unexpectedly, the electric battery of the transport PERUN HE comprises of the aggregate of 1134 cells with the individual voltage of 3.7 V. These (in units of 21 cells) are consolidated into modules, which are put away in the units of 18 pieces each (378 cells) in 3 battery boxes: we can discover two of them in the back of the vehicle and one behind the driver’s lodge. The electric transport ŠKODA PERUN HE is a refined answer for cutting edge clients, who are not hesitant to run with the times. What’s more, it can be revived by method for the basic charging firearm anyplace, where they as of now utilize quick chargers for passenegr autos (BMW i3/i8, VW Golf EV, and so forth.), which meet Euro-American car standard COMBO II (CSS).

Škoda Perun HE 2014 Design Interior Exterior Bus

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